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how to make and .smd file parser for forge

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Forge has nothing to do with this. You just need an SMD parser in java. You may use an existing library and use forge's jar-in-jar feature to package it with your mod or you can write a parser yourself. It looks like smd is a plain text file describing a model so you should not have many issues with parsing it. Here is the format specification. However note that since minecraft has no notion of skinning or even armatures/bones you will have to build everything from the ground up. This is not really a forge issue though and you might find more help with that on gamedev forums rather than here. 


56 minutes ago, bouwmeester2003 said:

could anyone help me with making an .SMD file parser for forge

Nobody here is going to write code for you but you are free to ask questions if you have any troubles with the matter at hand.

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