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I need suggestions/tips


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Hello guys 

Right now I'm learning Java (let's say I teach it myself) and I want to learn modding for Minecraft.

I just wanted to know whether there are some things I have to take into account when doing that.

I will focus on learning Java first and start modding when I feel confident enough/when I gathered enough knowledge.


I have taken a short look into your Documentation and your GitHub  to get to know how the things work here.

Is there anything special what I have to consider? Or even better, could you give me some tips where to start?


I also would like starting to contribute to Forge, too (Of course only after earning some experience on how things work here)


BTW: I have some experience in coding with Python, MySQL and C/C++ and would like to learn more, since I'm playing Minecraft for years

and really enjoy playing with mods, but never cared about the immense work you guys do.


At the end I also want to thank you guys for still caring about Forge and the small community around it. You waste a lot of freetime just to keep a small group happy without getting paid, so you do that all voluntary.  You guys are great!


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There are a lot of conventions and practices that are unique to modding, most of which are outlined in the forge docs. Other than that, it’s just java. You should probably learn about Reflection because a lot of minecraft code isn’t directly accessible. You can use Forge’s ObfuscationReflectionHelper or ReflectionHelper to easily deal with that stuff. 

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Learning at least the basics of Java first is definitely necessary, although it will be easier if you have other programming knowledge. After that, just a few things I've picked up recently:


Tutorials: Looking at some tutorials/example mods will get you the basics of modding. A few good resources that I've found:


https://cubicoder.wordpress.com: My tutorials. They don't go too far into things yet, and they do need a bit of reworking to reflect better practices.

http://jabelarminecraft.blogspot.com: Good explanations for more advanced topics. Jabelar's also got an example mod on GitHub.

https://wiki.mcjty.eu/modding/index.php?title=Main_Page: Minimal explanation, but good code.

https://github.com/Choonster-Minecraft-Mods/TestMod3 and https://github.com/Cadiboo/Example-Mod: More "example mods." These won't have as much explanation, but will be more complete code-wise.


I've also found it to be very beneficial to join modding Discord servers. You can ask questions and get help from some of the best modders out there. A few good servers would be the official Forge server or the MMD server.


Above all, the Forge docs should be your #1 source, since they are official. After that, just be smart about what you do, and don't get mad if people seem rude when helping you. Chances are, they're not trying to be.

Check out my tutorials at https://cubicoder.github.io/.

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