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[CustomNPCs & VariedCommodities] [1.12.2] Varied Bugs and Suggetions (continuously update)


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Hello, @Noppes. I recently played your CustomNPCs mod and VariedCommodities mod. They are interesting. But I found several bugs and I want to give some suggestions. So I create this post.



1. [BUG, resolved 30Jan19] The eyes and particles are rendered wrongly.

2. [BUG, resolved 30Jan19] The texture renders wrongly when the texture of a human npc has 3-pixels-width arms.

3. The name of a texture file could not contains uppercase letters (and spaces maybe) or the file is unable to be loaded. This is acceptable to me but is not to most players.

4. [BUG] The color of the name of an NPC goes wrong when it respawns.

5. [BUG] Scrollbars are unable to be set to some certain values (such as 20%). Use input boxes instead if possible.

6. [BUG] Drop chances of the items cannot be set to 0%. This is embarrassed when I'm using the items in my scripts but have to set them as drop items.

7. Global settings should be able to access even if no NPCs is created.

8. [BUG] When a player joins in a server without unfreezing NPCs in a single player world, he or she will not be able to see the movement of any NPCs in the server (although they're moving).

9. Add a new setting "Announcements" into the global settings for I want to change the messages showing when the faction points change, a new quest is accept, etc.

10. Add a new button "random name" next to the name input box.

13. Mob spawners don't work at night.

14. [BUG] If two or more NPCs with a same name crammed together, (that is, they have the same coordinates,) only one NPC will be shown in the navigation menu.

28. [BUG] Missing traslation string for customnpcs:nbt_book.

29. [BUG] "Instant build" in builder blocks ignores rotation.



22. [BUG] "IContainer.getSlot (-106)" should return the offhand item but returns "noppes.npcs.api.CustomNPCsException: Slot is out of range -106".

23. Consider adding two functions "IPlayer.getExp ()" and "IPlayer.setExp ()".

30. [BUG] "IContainer.getSlot ()" and "IContainer.getItems ()" returns "java.lang.NullPointerException".

31. [BUG] "IContainer.getMCContainer ()" returns "null".



12. [BUG] The textures of the two crowns (\assets\variedcommodities\textures\models\armor\crown1_1.png AND crown2_1.png) are wrong.

15. [BUG] The textures of wool couches do not connect properly.

16. Crates and barrels cannot be locked as the chests.

17. Weapon racks and pedestals cannot be set to prevent players from taking items from them as armor stands.

18. [BUG] Shelves (connected) facing west or east do not rendered properly.

19. [BUG] The background textures of edit GUIs of big signs and tombstones are missing.

20. [BUG] Recipe book renders wrongly.

21. [BUG] More than one player can sit on the same chair/couch/stool.

24. [BUG] Playing banjo/violin/guitar/french horn/ocarina/clarinet returns the sound of harp.

25. [BUG] Pistols just like bows.

26. [BUG] Destroying all blocks in this mod except blood/crystal/placeholder generates tha particles of glass.

27. [BUG] Missing sounds for staff/guns.


Both of Two Mods

11. Many translation strings are missing. I am glad to be one of the translators if you want.

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