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[1.12.2] How to check if a player is connected to the server?


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I want to check if a player is connected to the server or not like if say Player A joins a server and there is another Player B in the game [like in TAB list] and if the player is there do something and if not do nothing. How do I do it?




EDIT: this is a repost technically but the last one was for 1.8.9 this time im asking for 1.12

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19 minutes ago, WaningMatrix said:


The # here means you need an instance of the Minecraft object in order to access the player field.

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Alright so I'm a beginner to Minecraft Modding, so can you explain me like I'm 5 and how will I use this player.ConnectionInfo if Im writing a mod. I have wrote this but can you let me know whether this is correct or not? 

    public void EntityJoinsNewWorld(EntityJoinWorldEvent event){
        for (NetworkPlayerInfo p : Minecraft.getMinecraft().getNetHandler().getPlayerInfoMap()) {
            if (Settings.SniperList.get().contains(p.getGameProfile().getName())) {
                Minecraft.getMinecraft().thePlayer.sendChatMessage("/p warp");

SniperList is just an ArrayList and it executes the if statement if there any player joins the world whose name in the ArrayList.

If this is wrong let me know how will it be corrected and also do I need anything else to include in the Main class other than this. 

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4 hours ago, WaningMatrix said:


Don’t use names, use UUIDs, and you probably want to `break` on success

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