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[1.12.2] Getting an Entities texture

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Hi all,


I'm working on a new feature for my mod "Slime Breeder Advanced" and I need to be able to get a resource location of an entity stored as a NBTTag. I've managed to convert from NBTTag to Entity however can't find a way to get the entities texture resource location.


I can kind of get the resource location by getting the name of the entity its domain i.e minecraft ect and then building a resource location from that but I run into difficulty when the texture is in a folder not the root directory. Anyone able to point me in the right direction ?


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You can use Render#getEntityTexture (it's protected, so you need reflection). To get the Render instance use Minecraft#getRenderManager().getEntityRenderObject. This is not guaranteed to work though, an entity can be made up of more than one texture or it could use a completely different texture than the one returned. It might also just return null. There is no reliable way to get an entity's texture.

Of course all of this is purely client-only.

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Do not use getPrivateValue for repeated access. Use findField to obtain the Field instance and store it in a static final field. Then use Field#get.

However in this case you want to invoke a method, not access a field, so you'd use findMethod to get the Method instance, store it in a static final field and then use Method#invoke.

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