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Hello. I understand that registry events are the recommended way to register things in Minecraft Forge nowadays. However, if that is the case, shouldn't all registries be converted to RegistryEvents? Why are only blocks, items, potions, biomes, sounds, potions, enchantments, recipes, villager professions, and entities supported at the moment? Capabilities and KeyBindings have been around for a few versions yet they do not have their own registry event. You could even include StatBase and Criterions in this list as well. To me, it seems odd not to have a major function of Minecraft still using an outdated system compared to villager professions. 

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A lot of things dont use the Registry event, because they aren't Registries in the implementation sense. And we're not in the position to do vast rewrites of vanilla code to make them. 

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On 4/4/2019 at 11:47 PM, LexManos said:

A lot of things dont use the Registry event, because they aren't Registries in the implementation sense.

My understanding of a registry is a database used to hold information about a specific object. That would make sense why recipes were removed in 1.13.2 and tile entities were added as a registry. It does make adding an object to the game much easier. I also understand that in the case of capabilities, since it isn't a implementation of registry, it is not one. However, the CriteriaTriggers.class is seems to be the exact same in implementation of the TileEntityType.class missing the ForgeRegistryEntry. Could you not technically create a registry by using a similar implementation to that of the tile entity?

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To extend what Lex said: If Vanilla doesn’t make it a registry, Forge is not in a position to rewrite massive amounts of vanilla code to make it a registry. If you feel strongly about this, you should contact Mojang. 

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