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Getting panes to show up differently in inventory depending on metadata


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I created colored glass panes by extending the BlockPane class. All the colors share the same blockID but display different textures depending on their metadata, similar to wool. This works great except that the inventory, handheld item, and object on ground all use the texture for metadata 0. With some playing around, it seems to be a result of the getRenderType() returning 18 (aka pane). I looked through the function renderBlockAsItem in RenderBlocks, but it looks like it uses the function that returns a texture based on the metadata, so I don't know why it's not working. It appears that the metadata it's using for that function is passed into from somewhere else, and presumably it's correct or things like wool would not render correctly in the inventory, but yet it doesn't work for my panes...


My objects all use the correct textures when placed, and they use the right textures in the inventory when using a different render type, so I'm pretty sure it's not me returning the wrong texture or anything like that.


I can get around it by creating individual objects for each color, but I'd really rather not do it that way if I can help it. Any ideas on a more elegant solution?

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I need to override a function in GlassPane that is declared public final. Removing the final label in GlassPane.java lets my game run exactly as I want it to. Is there some way to do this that won't interfere with other mods that may want to edit the same class?


Long version which may give you an idea of a solution that I haven't thought of:


I changed my panes to all be individual items so that they did not have to use metadata. To do this, I had to make a new class that extended Block instead of BlockPane. This is because I need them to connect to each other, and the canThisPaneConnectToThisBlockID cannot be overridden because it's final in BlockPane (why???) and it checks for opaque blocks and certain block IDs (including its own) to see if it can connect.  Since my panes no longer all have the same blockID, they no longer connect with that method.


It all looked good until I tried to place the block. Then I got this error:

Unexpected error


java.lang.ClassCastException: krv.minecraft.moreblocks.BlockThinTintedGlass cannot be cast to net.minecraft.block.BlockPane


So now it can render the inventory icon correctly, but not the actual block.  After looking at the rendering code, sure enough it requires a BlockPane to render as a pane, which my block obviously isn't.


This would be easy to fix if I could just override that one function in BlockPane, because then I could just extend that class and it would all work. This is the function I need to override:


    public final boolean canThisPaneConnectToThisBlockID(int par1)
        return Block.opaqueCubeLookup[par1] || par1 == this.blockID || par1 == Block.glass.blockID;


I want it to be this in my class:


    public boolean canThisPaneConnectToThisBlockID(int id)
        for (int i = 0; i < 16; i++) {
        	if (id == MoreBlocks.thinTintedGlass[i].blockID)
        		return true;
    	return Block.opaqueCubeLookup[id] || id == Block.glass.blockID || id == MoreBlocks.tintedGlass.blockID;


What are my options here without actually editing any of the core files? Do I have any?

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What I resorted to was having people overwrite the BlockPane class file with my own version when installing my mod. This is obviously not an ideal solution, especially if you are distributing it to a lot of people. Fortunately my users are limited to my real life friends, so I can install it for them if they run into issues.


There is an alternate method using access transformers, but I could never get it to work. Here is the tutorial I was working off of: http://www.minecraftforge.net/wiki/Using_Access_Transformers


I also tried using Reflection but was unable to get that to work as well. Here's a tutorial I tried for that (looks outdated now): http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1854988-tutorial-162-changing-vanilla-without-editing-base-classes-coremods-and-events-very-advanced/


Here's a general Java Reflection tutorial: http://docs.oracle.com/javase/tutorial/reflect/


I imagine it's probably unnecessary in the current version since there are now colored panes in vanilla, but I haven't had the time to look into it myself yet. Let me know what you find out.

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