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Allow mods to replace vanilla crafting again in 1.14


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So I made a post in Modder Support asking for a way to replace vanilla crafting recipes in 1.14.4. No solutions have been posted, nor have I found a way.


Right now, it seems that if a mod wished to replace a vanilla crafting recipe, it would need to include a separate data pack to be installed in world file.

I'm requesting that forge reads mods' data/minecraft/recipes (or maybe all of data/minecraft/*) and replaces vanilla data files with those provided by mods.


If this should be a bug report, I'll post there, but the EAQ said that section is for players, not modders, so I'm here.


From the post in Modder Support:


It was working in 25.0.100 (for 1.13.2), but after updating it doesn't. (I had a custom serializer to toggle the recipes from the config file, but now a simple override doesn't seem to work.)


I've tried in the following locations within src/main/resources:






None of them seemed to work. In all cases, the recipe crafted a chestplate, which I'm trying to disable. While in the data.warforge.recipes folder, I tried using to command to enable the recipe in-game, but the vanilla recipe still won over.


The recipe is already named the same as the iron chestplate recipe (that is, iron_chestplate.json) in data.minecraft.recipes, and it isn't overriding the vanilla recipe.


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