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Forge 7.7.2 Minecraft 1.5.1

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Forge Version: 7.7.2

Minecraft Version: 1.5.1



Minecraft Forge 7.7.2 Changelog:


Updated to Minecraft v1.5.1



  • LiquidStacks store more information about Icons and liquids persist better in world files.
  • FML will now report branding information {Forge/FML version, and modpack identifier} in vanilla crash reports.
  • Removed index bounds checking in some chunk functions, if you error with ArrayIndexOutOfBounds blame Grum.
  • Deprecate IArmorTextureProvider, moved to Item. And exposed more information to the function.
  • Added more context aware Armor texture callback in Item
  • Added Biome Tag System by Emasher, see below
  • Added entity spawn pack size event to allow overriding of creature's pack sizes
  • Added new hook to allow items to provide there own FontRenderer for there tooltips
  • NBTTagList.removeTag can now be used server side
  • Added new hook to allow Items to provide custom armor models.
  • New block callback for explosions
  • Optimize texture animations with the new Stitched texture system, showing massive FPS boosts for users of high/animated texture packs.
  • New Item 'swing' callback for use when playing the arm swing animation.
  • New Item update callback for EntityItems.
  • New Block hook to allow for custom blocks effecting enchanting tables.
  • Cave and Ravine gen will now take into account the Biomes top and foller block, allowing them to break the surface in modded biomes. Beaches, MushroomIslands and Deserts are exempt from this check to preserve vanilla world gen functionality.
  • New ModelLoader for OBJ formated models, allowing Moders to directly import #D models.
  • Massive amount of new hooks for rendering HUD items on screen.
  • Customizeable player max health.
  • FML/Forge version information is now displayed in the F3 debug screen.
  • Fixups for scala compilation in MCP. Scala should now be compilable and reobfuscatable with srgnames in MCP.
  • Add vanilla Ores to the Ore Dictionary. No recipe replacement required.
  • Add NBT-sensitive getMaxDamage() for ItemStack.

Bug Fix:

  • Fixed interop with runtime deobfucation and ModLoader mods tha edit base classes.
  • Fixed potential NPE in LiquidPipes
  • Fixed possible NPE in ChunkManager
  • Fixed NPE when branding isn't present
  • Fixed vanilla texture bug causing rotated textures to be placed wrong.
  • Fixed EntityPlayer passed to Bonemeal event.
  • Fixed bug with some servers that caused 'invisible' entities client side.
  • Fixed EnumHelper debugging in Eclipse
  • Fixed vanilla bug with item deletion in creative menu for items that are the same id/meta but differnet NBT's.
  • Fixed bug in runtime deobf that caused mod files to fall into the all-public transformer
  • Fixed issue with instalation when java/javac commands had quotes.
  • Fixed scoreboard saving bug caused by our fix of vanilla map saves.
  • Fixed vanilla big in Stitcher that was preventing it from fully filling the possible texture space. Should up-to halve the size of the stitched texture in memory
  • Fixed vanilla AIOOB in crash report stack trimming.
  • Fixed issue with runtime deobfusication and overloaded fields
  • Allow spawning of Bonemeal particles even if block is not set. {I classify this as a vanilla bugfix}
  • Fixed some scala loading, mods should run better now.
  • Fixed changelog generation, see the changelog text on the website and in the zips.
  • Fixed ListenerList not properly rebuilding lists when a listener was removed.


New Biome Tag System by Emasher:

An issue with biome adding mods which is becoming increasingly annoying for players, is that many mod authors that add biome specific world generation or mobs in their mods, for the most part, hard code them to work with vanilla biomes only. This becomes a huge problem when it's difficult to even find a vanilla biome, let alone a specific one, when biome mods are installed.


A simple solution to this problem is a tag system for biomes that allows mod authors to set up their world generators, or mobs to generate or spawn in biomes that have been registered with a specific tag such as "FOREST", or "FROZEN". I wrote such a system a few months ago, which I've been using with my own mods, and have made available to anyone who wants to use it. Since then, I've had requests from mod authors and players alike to try and get it, or at least similar functionality, into Forge, where other mod authors will be more comfortable using it.


Aside from the tags, it also includes a rule based system to classify biomes that have not already been registered with it when information is requested on them (You can opt out of this by registering a biome as type "NULL"). And additionally, the ability to register IWorldGenerators for specific biomes, or biome types (tags) to speed up chunk generation a little bit.


This is just a official release because 1.5.2 is on the horizon.


I do Forge for free, however the servers to run it arn't free, so anything is appreciated.
Patreon: http://www.patreon.com/lexmanos
Paypal: http://paypal.me/LexManos

BitCoin: 1Q8rWvUNMM2T1ZfDaFeeYQyVXtYoeT6tTn

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