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Make a Plant That Grows???


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I'm trying to make a plant that grows over time, but I am unsure how to do that. In case you are unsure what I mean, I'm talking about stages of growth, like potatoes or carrots (although I'd like it to be shearable, so more like sweet berry bushes). I am also unsure how I am supposed to get it to call on the different textures for each stage. 

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Check out this excellent example mod: https://github.com/Cadiboo/Example-Mod/. Check out the src/main/resources/examplemod/blockstates. Structure your mod similarly. To see how to control blockstates, check out src/main/java/examplemod/block/ModFurnaceBlock.


For an example of plant growth blockstates, here is the blockstates for vanilla's carrots.json: 

    "variants": {
        "age=0": { "model": "block/carrots_stage0" },
        "age=1": { "model": "block/carrots_stage0" },
        "age=2": { "model": "block/carrots_stage1" },
        "age=3": { "model": "block/carrots_stage1" },
        "age=4": { "model": "block/carrots_stage2" },
        "age=5": { "model": "block/carrots_stage2" },
        "age=6": { "model": "block/carrots_stage2" },
        "age=7": { "model": "block/carrots_stage3" }


Here are the corresponding models for carrots: This is carrots_stage3.json, but obviously the other stages are very similar. 


    "parent": "block/crop",
    "textures": {
        "crop": "block/carrots_stage3"


You can find all these your self in your External Libraries in Gradle: net.minecraft:client:extra.<version>


All this should be more than enough to get you started and more than anyone else here will give you. You'll need to do the rest of the discovery and experimentation yourself. Best of luck.

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