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  1. Read the reply right above yours on how to fix this
  2. Here are a few examples: https://github.com/Cadiboo/Example-Mod/tree/1.15.2/src/main/java/io/github/cadiboo/examplemod/client/gui
  3. Yes, it does. Fairly good example of it's use too. (template_torch.json) { "ambientocclusion": false, "textures": { "particle": "#torch" }, "elements": [ { "from": [ 7, 0, 7 ], "to": [ 9, 10, 9 ], "shade": false, "faces": { "down": { "uv": [ 7, 13, 9, 15 ], "texture": "#torch" }, "up": { "uv": [ 7, 6, 9, 8 ], "texture": "#torch" } } }, ... ] }
  4. No, I don’t think it looks bad at all. It looks proper, if you mean that the base block of your chimney has a shadow. It would, if the flame light is coming from the furnace that is over an edge, the light would cast a shadow at the very base. Is this what you are referring to as “looks horrible”?
  5. Yes! I was trying to get Deferred registers to work based on what I saw in your example mod, but was getting issues with a null registry. I got it all working without deferred registries now, so I plan to revisit it again next time I get a chance to look at it. Also just curious, what are the benefits of the deferred registries over the event hooks? Sounds like they both register things at the correct time.
  6. It sounds like you have not tried much. What have you tried so far? Have you looked at the player class definition for functions that might do what you want? You aren’t going to find a tutorial for everything.
  7. Check out this excellent example mod: https://github.com/Cadiboo/Example-Mod/. Check out the src/main/resources/examplemod/blockstates. Structure your mod similarly. To see how to control blockstates, check out src/main/java/examplemod/block/ModFurnaceBlock. For an example of plant growth blockstates, here is the blockstates for vanilla's carrots.json: { "variants": { "age=0": { "model": "block/carrots_stage0" }, "age=1": { "model": "block/carrots_stage0" }, "age=2": { "model": "block/carrots_stage1" }, "age=3": { "model": "block/carrots_sta
  8. Just taking a shot in the dark, but would this be block states with different assets? Just give each stage of growth a block state and a corresponding texture.
  9. Yes, either find the func_... function that matches the signature, or update your mappings channel: 'snapshot', '....' in build.gradle
  10. I have been digging through forge, and have not seen how vanilla generates ores yet. I did see the ChunkEvent, which looks promising. Mind pointing me what directories to look in for vanilla world generation? Not too familiar with the code base yet. For anyone in the future, check `DefaultBiomeFeatures` for implementation for structure, entities, ores, blocks, etc
  11. haha Thanks will do Btw the 1.14 version is different. Credit to
  12. biomeIn.addFeature(GenerationStage.Decoration.UNDERGROUND_ORES, Biome.createDecoratedFeature(Feature.ORE, new OreFeatureConfig(OreFeatureConfig.FillerBlockType.NATURAL_STONE, Blocks.DIAMOND_ORE.getDefaultState(), 8), Placement.COUNT_RANGE, new CountRangeConfig(1, 0, 0, 16))); This is how vanilla registers underground ores. Unfortunately there is no `createDecoratedFeature` function in `Biome` use in `ForgeRegistries.BIOMES`. Vanilla MC has this function in it's Biome class, but Forge's Biome class does not have anything matching this signature. Instead what works is to addFeature wit
  13. @SuppressWarnings({"ConstantConditions"}) @SubscribeEvent public static void FMLLoadCompleteEvent(FMLLoadCompleteEvent event) { for (Biome biome : ForgeRegistries.BIOMES) { biome.addFeature(GenerationStage.Decoration.UNDERGROUND_ORES, Feature.ORE.withConfiguration(new OreFeatureConfig( OreFeatureConfig.FillerBlockType.NATURAL_STONE, ModBlocks.LOAD_STONE_ORE.getDefaultState(), 8)) .withPlacement(Placement.COUNT_RANGE.configure(new CountRangeConfig(4, 0, 0, 32)))); } } Tried this, but unfortunately, withConfiguration is not a function in my case
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