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[All Versions] How did you learn to mod?


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Hi, although I've been on the forum for more than two months, I still don't know exactly how to modd. in the beginning they told me that I should learn Java, I did and it helped me a lot, but there are still many things I don't understand in modding and the tutorials fie I find don't always explain exactly how they do it and those for the 1.15.2 are very rare: so I'd like to know how you learned modding.

New in Modding? == Still learning!

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I started back with Risugami's ModLoader before Forge became a thing, so I don't entirely remember my process.

But I'm sure I just did the same as @diesieben07. I assume most people start out like that; it's generally the most effective way to learn if tutorials aren't cutting it.

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I'm eager to learn and am prone to mistakes. Don't hesitate to tell me how I can improve.

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Ok, so you only learn by trying, reading errors and trying again, only here you have to wait half an hour until you can try again, the time that everything is loaded. Anyway, thanks for your tips.


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New in Modding? == Still learning!

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Look through the vanilla code (tracing up the call path if necessary).

Find a mod which does something similar to what you want and look through it's code (most mods are on GitHub somewhere).

Ask specific questions on here, telling people what you want to achieve (for the user).

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