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Allow sub-folders within /mods (not version folders) for better organization


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Organizing mods is a nightmare and I've always wished I could use subfolders named with categories to place different types of mods into in my /mods directory but Forge doesn't like when I try it.


This would be easy to implement with dir.listFiles()











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I think he is asking for us to still load all of the mods, just to make us scan subfolders as well.

This is already possible with the mod discovery API we have.

I don't think we'll add this to Forge by default because it'd just be to prone to user errors. Duplicate mods, different versions, and the like.

I'm not seeing the benefit of something like this.

I do Forge for free, however the servers to run it arn't free, so anything is appreciated.
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One case I can think of would be to have a folder of optional mods (renamed with .disabled after the extension to prevent loading). When modpacks get large it can become more difficult to find the ones you are looking for, and I don't see how more organisation can hurt. You can search if you know what mod you are looking for but you can't search for "optional mods". Duplicates/different versions would get flagged up on launch.

It could be put behind a config option.

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