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Starting with modding on 1.14.4


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So I would really like to start modding on 1.14.4. My goal is to create some really simple tools mod as a starter.

So where could I start with Java programming?

BTW what IDE should I use for Java, Eclipse or smh?

I also have had some experience in programming before (but not much in complete text code jargon)

So where should I start?

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Learn basic Java. Syntax (i.e. most lines end with a ; where curly braces go, etc), keywords (if..then, etc), structure (classes, methods, variables/fields), how inheritance works.


Choice of IDE is personal, I use eclipse myself, intellij is a popular one. Whatever you choose, get familiar with it. Learn how to launch applications in debug mode with it, so can set breakpoints, which stop code execution at the breakpoint and allow you to inspect the values of variables and fields from that point in code.


Honestly, for best results, you will need to start small, and perhaps write some text-based programs to get the basics down. That is what I would advise at least, otherwise you will potentially have questions that are too much basic java to be asked on these forums.


*edit: Oh, and don't start at 1.14.4. Start with the latest, otherwise you are going to end up being out of support when the next version comes.


*edit 2: google is your friend. "java tutorial", "beginner java programming", "what is a class in java?", just ask google, it probably knows!

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