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assets Not Working but it's in the right section

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I just started modding on OS X Catalina 10.15.4 with Eclipse, and the first item I'm trying to add is a Mod Gem. The item is listed in ItemList as mod_gem, and that is the same ID I am using to reference it from en_us.json in lang AND the name for the model file (mod_gem.json) and the texture file (mod_gem.png). Yet when I run the game, the Mod Gem is a default-model item whose name is item.thorneislearningmods:mod_gem. Can anyone help me understand why none of the resources are working and fix it?

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Alright, found my problem:

[m[33m[09:47:57] [Server-Worker-1/WARN] [minecraft/ModelBakery]: Unable to load model: 'thorneislearningmods:block/mod_gem_block' referenced from: thorneislearningmods:mod_gem_block#: java.io.FileNotFoundException: thorneislearningmods:models/block/mod_gem_block.json
[m[33m[09:47:57] [Server-Worker-1/WARN] [minecraft/ModelBakery]: Unable to load model: 'thorneislearningmods:mod_gem_block#inventory' referenced from: thorneislearningmods:mod_gem_block#inventory: java.io.FileNotFoundException: thorneislearningmods:models/item/mod_gem_block.json
[m[1;31m[09:47:58] [Server-Worker-4/ERROR] [minecraft/AtlasTexture]: Using missing texture, unable to load thorneislearningmods:textures/items/mod_gem.png : java.io.FileNotFoundException: thorneislearningmods:textures/items/mod_gem.png


...except mod_gem.png is right where it should be, and so is mod_gem_block.json. (I haven't implemented the inventory model for the Mod Gem Block yet, so that is to be expected.) Neither is appearing in the Package Explorer, though. Maybe Eclipse can't pick up on items moved manually to the project directory>

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I'm trying to install Git right now so I can do that, but I will see if refreshing the project does anything.

(Although, I did run the Git installer.pkg and nothing appears to have happened. Does it have something to do with the VERSION-2.23.0-universal mavericks?)

EDIT: It appears to be working now, but I need to modify the JSON files because I decided to modify them before thinking that would get it to work. Thanks for the help!

EDIT 2: The lang and model files are working, but the textures still aren't loaded. Here's a screenshot ("Finally!" you say,) of my project directory. (Note that there is a mod_gem_block.png in textures/blocks and a mod_gem.png in textures/items.)

Screen Shot 2020-03-30 at 10.13.46 AM.png

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Just now, TheThorneCorporation said:

Today I learned that 1 refresh = 1 manually-added file recognized by Eclipse. Anyway, after refreshing a few times, Eclipse found my textures. I am officially a modder now. :)

Thanks for all your help.


- Damian Thorne, CEO of the Thorne Corporation

Just gonna recommend that you create and edit all of your project files in eclipse and if you want to copy files into your project drag and drop them into the eclipse package explorer. It saves you having to refresh the project. Also if you don't already get a JSON editor extension for eclipse from the eclipse marketplace. It is super helpful.


I will be posting 1.15.2 modding tutorials on this channel. If you want to be notified of it do the normal YouTube stuff like subscribing, ect.

Forge and vanilla BlockState generator.

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