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Forge 31.2 Minecraft 1.15.2


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Forge Version: 31.2.0
Minecraft Version: 1.15.2

Here we go again for 1.15.2, this has a ton of bug fixes, developer improvements, as well as preliminary support for Java 13+ so we'll see how that goes.


  • Added hook to allow customized overlays when swimming in custom fluids.
  • Added support for suppliers in FoodItem, allow easier modder extension.
  • Added model data to BlockModelRenderer
  • Added system for global loot functions, allowing modders to affect all loot tables using data.
  • Added new early loading screen that shows before Vanilla even exists. Should seamlessly transition to vanilla. Can be disabled via config.
  • Added new Data generation features.
  • Revived the Forge lighting pipeline, to improve rendering performance. Disabled by default.
  • Added hook to control hill biomes.
  • Added PlantType to the extensible enums.
  • Extended GUIUtils to be more useful.
  • Added hook to override tool requirements when breaking blocks.
  • Added hooks to allow buckets to be better used with custom fluids.
  • Added hook to allow bees to use custom hives.
  • Added ability to use stencil buffers for mods.
  • Added constructor to Music Discs for easier modder extension.



  • Fixed lighting issue in GUIs for some models.
  • Fixed bug causing equip tooltip to display when unnecessary.
  • Fixed client desync when interact event is canceled on the client.
  • Fixed invalid arguments passed to first person hand renderer.
  • Fixed chunk watch and unwatch events not firing correctly.
  • Fixed vanilla bug related to rendering states.
  • Fixed error when players join servers in a dimension that doesn't exist.
  • Fixed ItemStack TER not being called.
  • Fixed custom teleporters not being used when moving from the end to overworld.
  • Fixed custom teleporters triggering end game credits.
  • Fixed set dimension command not setting position correctly.
  • Fixed Conduit and Beacon activation on vanilla servers.
  • Fixed potential issue with clients sending invalid data to server.
  • Fixed javac compiling issues on some JDKs
  • Fixed tps and gen commands not working.
  • Fixed note blocks not changing state correctly.
  • Fixed ownership leak in ItemStackHandler.
  • Fixed server config loosing dimension type when using custom dimensions.
  • Fixed vanilla bug that caused the byte order of buffers to be incorrect.
  • Fixed buffer batching not copying all data correctly.
  • Fixed tag serializing empty data.
  • Fixed annotation processor skipping duplicate annotations.
  • Fixed annotation processor incorrectly tagging child annotations.
  • Fixed binary issues when using JDK 9+ and targeting J8.
  • Fixed vanilla recursion issue in advancement loading.
  • Fixed potential NPEs in RegistryObject.
  • Fixed mod resource and data packs being sorted incorrectly.
  • Fixed automatic event subscriber picking wrong mod id when in multi-mod sources.
  • Fixed BackgroundScanHandler erroring on some servers.
  • Fixed swim speed and reach distance not having localization info.
  • Fixed milk buckets removing too many potion effects.
  • Fixed chunk data save event being fired with null world in some cases.
  • Fixed resource leak in vanilla loot table handler.
  • Fixed hoppers not fully inserting into custom inventories with non-standard max stack values.
  • Fixed null item stack being sent to player destroy item hook.
  • Fixed some blocks being darker then they would be in vanilla.
  • Fixed pressing escape not matching pressing done on the mod list screen.
  • Fixed removedByPlayer not being called on the client when breaking blocks.
  • Fixed infinite loading screen when mod resources error.
  • Fixed fluid tanks calling changed events when simulating.
  • Fixed tile entities persisting incorrectly when blockstate changes.
  • Fixed CrowGrowEvents not firing for Bamboo
  • Fixed vanilla screens where pressing escape doesn't match pressing done.
  • Fixed mod duplication issue when using a symbolic links as your mods folder.
  • Fixed server config directory remaining locked after server shutdown.
  • Fixed level change event not firing during enchanting.
  • Fixed duplicate call to chunk load events.
  • Fixed typo in registry alias serialization causing infinite loop.
  • Fixed particles not colliding with the ground correctly.
  • Fixed model transformation ordering.
  • Fixed OBJ models ignoring deffuseLighting setting.
  • Fixed blockstate json serializer using incorrect string.
  • Fixed incorrect argument passed in RenderPipeline potentially causing crash.
  • Fixed FireBlock using flammability instead of spread speed when looking for places to spread.
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I do Forge for free, however the servers to run it arn't free, so anything is appreciated.
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