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Render Fluid in GUI


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How should I do to render fluids in a bar in a GUI?

I read about TextureAtlasSprite on this forum, but it was on 1.15.2.


I suppose to have to:

get the amount of fluid and I did it with FluidTank#getFluidAmount(),

get the still texture of fluid and I did it with Fluid#getAttributes()#getStill().


Now how can I do to render in the bar? 


package com.olivemod.blocks.machine.energy.fluid_transporter;

import com.mojang.blaze3d.platform.GlStateManager;
import com.olivemod.utils.ModUtils;
import com.olivemod.utils.Reference.Reference;

import net.minecraft.client.Minecraft;
import net.minecraft.client.gui.screen.inventory.ContainerScreen;
import net.minecraft.client.renderer.BlockRendererDispatcher;
import net.minecraft.client.renderer.texture.TextureAtlasSprite;
import net.minecraft.client.renderer.texture.TextureAtlasSpriteStitcher;
import net.minecraft.entity.player.PlayerInventory;
import net.minecraft.fluid.Fluid;
import net.minecraft.fluid.FluidState;
import net.minecraft.fluid.Fluids;
import net.minecraft.fluid.IFluidState;
import net.minecraft.inventory.container.PlayerContainer;
import net.minecraft.util.ResourceLocation;
import net.minecraft.util.text.ITextComponent;
import net.minecraft.util.text.TranslationTextComponent;
import net.minecraftforge.energy.EnergyStorage;
import net.minecraftforge.fluids.FluidStack;

public class FluidTransporterScreen extends ContainerScreen<FluidTransporterContainer>{
	private static final ResourceLocation guiLocation = new ResourceLocation(Reference.MOD_ID, "textures/gui/machine/fluid_transporter_gui.png");

	public FluidTransporterScreen(FluidTransporterContainer screenContainer, PlayerInventory inv, ITextComponent titleIn) {
		super(screenContainer, inv, titleIn);
	public void render(final int mouseX, final int mouseY, final float partialTick) {
		super.render(mouseX, mouseY, partialTick);
		this.renderHoveredToolTip(mouseX, mouseY);
		int relMouseX = mouseX - this.guiLeft;
		int relMouseY = mouseY - this.guiTop;
		final TileEntityFluidTransporter tileEntityFluidTransporter = this.container.tileEntityFluidTransporter;
		boolean energyBarHovered = relMouseX > 150 && relMouseX < 170 && relMouseY > 4 && relMouseY < 81;
			String toolTip = new TranslationTextComponent("gui." + Reference.MOD_ID + ".energy", String.valueOf(tileEntityFluidTransporter.energyStorage.getEnergyStored())).getFormattedText();
			this.renderTooltip(toolTip, mouseX, mouseY);
	protected void drawGuiContainerForegroundLayer(int mouseX, int mouseY) {
		super.drawGuiContainerForegroundLayer(mouseX, mouseY);
		String string = this.title.getFormattedText();
		this.font.drawString(string, (float)(this.xSize / 2 - this.font.getStringWidth(string) / 2), 6.0F, 0x404040);
		this.font.drawString(this.playerInventory.getDisplayName().getFormattedText(), 8.0F, (this.ySize - 96 + 2), 0x404040);

	protected void drawGuiContainerBackgroundLayer(final float partialTicks, final int mouseX, final int mouseY) {	
		GlStateManager.color4f(1.0F, 1.0F, 1.0F, 1.0F);
		int startX = this.guiLeft;
		int startY = this.guiTop;
		// Screen #blit draws a part of the current texture (assumed to be 256x256) to the screen
		// The parameters are (x, y, u, v, width, height)		
		this.blit(startX, startY, 0, 0, this.xSize, this.ySize);
		final TileEntityFluidTransporter tileEntityFluidTransporter = container.tileEntityFluidTransporter;
		if(tileEntityFluidTransporter.energyStorage.getEnergyStored() > 0)
			this.blit(startX + 151, startY + 4 + 74 - getEnergyProgressScaled(), 177, 36, 17,getEnergyProgressScaled());
		if(tileEntityFluidTransporter.cookTime > 0)
			this.blit(startX + 78, startY + 17, 175, 0, getCookProgressScaled(), 36);
			int fluidStored = getFluidInTank(tileEntityFluidTransporter);
			FluidStack fluidStack = tileEntityFluidTransporter.tank.getFluid();
			if(fluidStack.getFluid() != Fluids.EMPTY)
				ResourceLocation stillLocation = fluidStack.getFluid().getAttributes().getStill(fluidStack);
				TextureAtlasSprite textureAtlasSprite = 
				int color = fluidStack.getFluid().getAttributes().getColor();
				GlStateManager.color4f(1.0f, 1.0f, 1.0f, color);

	private int getFluidInTank(TileEntityFluidTransporter tileEntityFluidTransporter2) {

		 * First getFluid() -> returns the fluidStack
		 * Second getFluid() -> returns the fluid
			return 0;
		return tileEntityFluidTransporter2.tank.getFluidAmount()/tileEntityFluidTransporter2.tank.getCapacity() * 74;

	final TileEntityFluidTransporter tileEntityFluidTransporter = container.tileEntityFluidTransporter;
	private int getCookProgressScaled() {
		int i = this.tileEntityFluidTransporter.cookTime;
		return i != 0 ? i*24/ModUtils.getCookTime(tileEntityFluidTransporter.inventory.getStackInSlot(2), tileEntityFluidTransporter.inventory.getStackInSlot(3), tileEntityFluidTransporter.inventory.getStackInSlot(4)) : 0;

	private int getEnergyProgressScaled() {

		final EnergyStorage storage = tileEntityFluidTransporter.energyStorage;
		return Math.round((float)storage.getEnergyStored() / (float)storage.getMaxEnergyStored() * 74);



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I haven't tried doing what you are doing or something similar yet, but I would say probably take a look at the furnace, and see how it renders the progress bar. I know your thing isn't a progress bar, but it should give an idea about rending an image based on a % of completeness (or, fullness).

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1 hour ago, Ugdhar said:

I haven't tried doing what you are doing or something similar yet, but I would say probably take a look at the furnace, and see how it renders the progress bar. I know your thing isn't a progress bar, but it should give an idea about rending an image based on a % of completeness (or, fullness).

It Is almost useless for me because I know how to fill the bar based on a %.

I am trying to render each fluid in a bar


If It contains water, bar will be blue, if lava, will be red... 

Of course furnace doesn't do it.

This is what I would do.


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