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[1.15.2] Block Rendering based on TileEntity Inventory’s ItemStack


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Sorry for posting this as outdated 1.12.2 content but since I’m going to update sooner or later to 1.15.2 this is still relevant. I have a block with an inventory that consists of 6 slots, each slot for a face of the block. Now depending on what ItemStack is in a Slot I want to render an overlay on the corresponding face of the block. What would be the best approach to accomplish this?


Thanks in advance.

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8 minutes ago, Razzokk said:

outdated 1.12.2 content but since I’m going to update sooner or later to 1.15.2 this is still relevant

I don't think it will be, lots of rendering changes from 1.12 -> 1.15.


You should just start working with 1.15.2 now, as 1.12 is not supported in any way, and this thread will get locked once a moderator sees it.

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2 minutes ago, Razzokk said:

Thank you, yeah that is why I am asking for 1.15 now cause I would like to know an opinion/how others would approach this problem.

Ah ok, I misunderstood you I think, I thought you were still asking about 1.12 and figuring it would be the same as 1.15.

Unfortunately, besides having read that a lot changed with rendering, I haven't done a whole lot myself, so cannot be much help to you, sorry!

Although you could check out this link, it has a lot of the 1.13+ changes, and a link to 1.15 changes that include some of the rendering stuff, so it may be helpful: https://gist.github.com/williewillus/353c872bcf1a6ace9921189f6100d09a

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A TileEntityRenderer is definitely the best way to go about this one.

The renderer can ask the tileentity what is in its inventory, and alter the rendering based on that.


You might find this tutorial project useful, it has a few working examples of TileEntityRenderers




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