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Shulker Box wanted


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Sorry for the slightly useless topic, but I need help. While exploring my world I think I put my shulker box somewhere since my inventory was empty when I returned, I also tried to look in the spectator but I have no idea where it can be. Having said that, I wondered if there is a file among the folders of a world that takes note of all the blocks placed or removed, including coordinates, since I seem to have heard of something like this. Other recommendations such as commands etc. are also welcome.

Thanks and sorry for the bad english.

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Look for NBTExplorer (search google, it's a program someone wrote, I think i found it on the minecraft forums), it will allow you to open nbt files, or folders containing more than one, and browse/search through them.


I've only messed with it a little, bit it should be what you need to help you find your box if you can find it in the file, you can probably get the position of it as well.


There may be an easier way, or a way with commands, but this isn't something I've had to do myself, so am unsure of the different ways of doing it.

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