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Reload Listener in 1.16 (Solved)


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Hello, I'm facing some problems implementing a custom resource listener, it was working before updating 1.15 to 1.16.

How I register the listener in mod class:

MinecraftForge.EVENT_BUS.addListener(this::addReloadListenerEvent); //in constructor


public void addReloadListenerEvent(AddReloadListenerEvent e)
   e.addListener(new ReloadListenerCropListEntryConfiguration());


Listener class

public class ReloadListenerCropListEntryConfiguration implements IFutureReloadListener
   public static final String PATH = "pt2_crops";
   public static final String EXTENTION = ".json";

   private void tryDeserialization(IResourceManager resourceManager, ResourceLocation file, Gson gson,Map<String, CropListEntryConfiguration> configs, boolean merge)
      String name = file.getPath().replace(PATH, "").replace(EXTENTION, "").replace("/", "");
      try (IResource iresource = resourceManager.getResource(file))
         JsonObject jsonobject = JSONUtils.fromJson(gson, IOUtils.toString(iresource.getInputStream(), StandardCharsets.UTF_8), JsonObject.class);
         if (jsonobject == null)
            PlantTechMain.LOGGER.error("Couldn't load recipe {} as it's null or empty", file);
               configs.put(name, CropListEntryConfiguration.Deserializer.read(name, jsonobject));
               configs.get(name).merge(CropListEntryConfiguration.Deserializer.read(name, jsonobject));

      catch (IllegalArgumentException | JsonParseException jsonparseexception)
         PlantTechMain.LOGGER.error("Parsing error loading recipe {}", name, jsonparseexception);
      catch (IOException ioexception)
         PlantTechMain.LOGGER.error("Couldn't read custom advancement {} from {}", name, file, ioexception);

   public CompletableFuture<Void> reload(IStage stage, IResourceManager resourceManager, IProfiler preparationsProfiler, IProfiler reloadProfiler, Executor backgroundExecutor,
           Executor gameExecutor)
      PlantTechMain.LOGGER.info("Load crop configuration from data packs");
      Gson gson = (new GsonBuilder()).setPrettyPrinting().disableHtmlEscaping().create();
      Map<String, CropListEntryConfiguration> configs = new HashMap<String, CropListEntryConfiguration>();

      Collection<ResourceLocation> files = resourceManager.getAllResourceLocations(PATH, f -> {
         return f.endsWith(EXTENTION);

      // First load all default configurations
      for (ResourceLocation file : files.stream().filter(file -> file.getNamespace().equals("planttech2")).collect(Collectors.toList()))
         tryDeserialization(resourceManager, file, gson, configs, false);

      // Then then load overrides
      for (ResourceLocation file : files.stream().filter(file -> !file.getNamespace().equals("planttech2")).collect(Collectors.toList()))
         tryDeserialization(resourceManager, file, gson, configs, true);

      //Apply values
      for(CropListEntryConfiguration config: configs.values())

      //save on server
      //Sync all Clients
      for (ServerPlayerEntity player : ServerLifecycleHooks.getCurrentServer().getPlayerList().getPlayers()) 
            PlantTech2PacketHandler.sendTo(new CropConfigChangeMessage(configs), player);
      CompletableFuture<Void> completablefuture = new CompletableFuture<>();
      return completablefuture;









is null when the world starts, is there another replacement for it?



When the error above is skipped (by comment them out / null check), the game just freezes without any messages.


Thanks in advance :)




to solve problem 1, instead of implemting IFutureReloadListener, extend JsonReloadListener

problem 2 isn't a problem

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