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Standardized ore texture sheet


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Stream of consciousness


Whether I'm being unreasonable or not I believe there is no reason for any forge mod to have a unique version of a resource. Copper is copper and does not require several colors or textures. There is no need for this. There is no demand for it. I want, and I can't be alone in this, One texture for any forge ore. Having it otherwise causes annoyance and in some cases fix-it mods (Omni tools). I don't need omni tools for the most part as most mods accept another mods ore in a crafting recipe. This is would be acceptable if it worked every time.


Forge team, would it be to much to provide this? Minecraft already provides standard textures that are largely unchanging. There are no three other types of diamond and five different types of iron. No modders pointlessly add their own textures ALONG SIDE the default textures. As more mods add more assets it won't just be ores that are schizophrenic. Consider your self (forge and it's maintainers) responsible for something more than just the super structure that mods sit on. Help provide a little clarity at least.


If a large number of forge mods are built to work in harmony with each other then something small like this only goes to counteract that harmony, mod balance aside.

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We've discussed this before, no. Forge does not provide anything in-game.

And having a 'standard' ore sprite would not work because most modders will do there 'i like my sprite better so i'll use it'

Aside from that, having multiple sprites is actually useful when a mod adds a new ore, but doesn't add it to the dictionary in it's recipies, so that you can tell which version of copper is needed.



Aside from that modders can already share item sprites. There isn't much we can do for them NOT sharing them.

I do Forge for free, however the servers to run it arn't free, so anything is appreciated.
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