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BreakSpeed in PlayerEvent with coordinate parameters


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So i'm wondering if it's possible for BreakSpeed (extends PlayerEvent) to have the coordinates of the block being broken since this mod i'm working on will check whether a player is breaking a block in a safe-zone or a wild-zone (i mean the block inside the zone, not the player) and then decrease his digging speed.


I've already thought of ray-tracing or getting the block's position through player.getLookVec() but this mod will be used on big servers so doing that way will cause quite a strain on the server. So i'm hoping coordinate parameters will be added to the event


Thank you for considering.

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Yes but what about the other areas that call that event?

I did an "open call hierarchy" in Eclipse, and, unless something's using reflection, the only function that creates a BreakSpeed is getBreakSpeed, and the only two functions that call getBreakSpeed() are blockStrength() (which already has the position args) and getCurrentPlayerStrVsBlock() (which is called only by blockStrength().) Shall I create a PR, or am I missing something?



Co-author of Pentachoron Labs' SBFP Tech.

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