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Burn Time for Custom Furnace


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I have been working on a custom furnace. I have everything working except an implementation of a fuel burn time. I have no idea how to implement this however. I tried implementing something, but it crashed and burned (pardon the pun) to say the least. What is even more frustrating is the few tutorials on how to do a custom furnace simply state to review the vanilla furnace on how to do this. I have reviewed the source code and still have no idea how to do it. I have implemented some of the logic that I'm fairly certain you need to implement to make it work, but that's about as far as I have gotten. Here is a link to my repository:




The reliant classes are:





Any help would be appreciated


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Burn time comes from items. Each item tells the furnace how much "fuel time" it is worth.


Check AbstractFurnaceTileEntity around line 296 for a method named getBurnTime.

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How would I blit two different animations on the same gui screen. I tried having two different blit commands handling the two different animations, but they result in something cursed to say the least. I even tried one blit line in the background and one in the foreground, but to no avail. For reference, here are the two blit lines I am using:



I was poking around in the AbstractGUI class and noticed a method called innerBlit. Would it be something to do with that?


For reference, the ProgressionScaled() methods merely return an int value, and do not interact with each other. 



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Your code should work fine as you've posted it above, if you get the parameters correct.

The custom furnace I've written uses these:


// draw the cook progress bar
		double cookProgress = containerFurnace.fractionOfCookTimeComplete();  // from 0.0 to 1.0
         (int)(cookProgress * COOK_BAR_WIDTH), COOK_BAR_HEIGHT);

// draw the fuel burn-time-left icon
			double burnRemaining = containerFurnace.fractionOfFuelRemaining(i);
			int yOffset = (int)((1.0 - burnRemaining) * FLAME_HEIGHT);
			blit(guiLeft + FLAME_XPOS + FLAME_X_SPACING * i, guiTop + FLAME_YPOS + yOffset,
              FLAME_ICON_U, FLAME_ICON_V + yOffset, FLAME_WIDTH, FLAME_HEIGHT - yOffset);







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