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Help with Registering Custom Blocks (that extends Blocks) using Deferred Registries


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I'm tinkering with some stuff while trying to learn modding, I made a class for a Block that extends net.minecraft.Block, but I get an error when registering it

This is the block class:

public class ExplodingBlock extends Block {
    public ExplodingBlock(Properties props) {

                .with(CHARGE, 0)

        Minecraft.getInstance().player.sendChatMessage("Block Placed with CHARGE: 0");

    static final IntegerProperty CHARGE = IntegerProperty.create("charge", 0, 5);

    protected void fillStateContainer(StateContainer.Builder<Block, BlockState> container) {

        container.add(new Property[]{CHARGE});

    public ActionResultType onBlockActivated(BlockState blockState, World world, BlockPos blockPos, PlayerEntity player, Hand hand, BlockRayTraceResult rayRes) {
        world.setBlockState(blockPos, blockState.with(CHARGE, (Integer)blockState.get(CHARGE) + 1));

        Minecraft.getInstance().player.sendChatMessage("Block Placed with CHARGE: " + (Integer)blockState.get(CHARGE));

        return ActionResultType.SUCCESS;


And this is the code for registering it:

public static final RegistryObject<ExplodingBlock> EXPLODING_BLOCK = register("exploding_block",  () ->
	new ExplodingBlock(AbstractBlock.Properties.create(Material.TNT)
		.hardnessAndResistance(3, 10)


I am registering other blocks that use simply RegistryObject<Block>, and the supplier is a new Block(), and they work. The code also worked when I changed the registering to Use of the Block class instead of the inheriting ExplondingBlock class, but without the functionally I wanted, of course.


I get the following error in the minecraft window after loading:

Tutorial Mod (tutorial) encountered an error during the load_registries event phase

Tutorial Mod (tutorial) encountered an error during the error event phase
java.lang.NullPointerException: Registry Object not present: tutorial:exploding_block


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forgot to add the error message
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2 hours ago, poopoodice said:

Minecraft.getInstance().player.sendChatMessage("Block Placed with CHARGE: " + (Integer)blockState.get(CHARGE));

This will crash on server https://mcforge.readthedocs.io/en/latest/concepts/sides/, use the player provided instead.


You need to show more of your code

I was running Client, and I just added that for debugging purposes, is it still the cause of the error?

and what other part of the code I should add? There isn't much else, the problem I thought would be in the ExplodingBlock class

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