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[1.16.1] PlayerInteractEvent.LeftClickBlock called on both press and release


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I'm currently writing an event to allow a player to left-click on any block while holding a block of ice in their main hand, which converts the ice into 2-3 ice cube items from my mod. I'm using Minecraft/Forge version 'net.minecraftforge:forge:1.16.1-32.0.63'.

My issue is that the event is essentially fired twice every time, once when the left-click button is pressed and once when it is released. Thus, the player always uses up two ice blocks instead of one.

I first made sure the event wasn't being fired twice due to being executed on both the client and the server, as I included the following condition:


if (!event.getWorld().isRemote)


So the problem is definitely the press-release issue. I can't find anything in the event that specifies whether the click was a press or release. Any thoughts on how I can detect this, and rule out either one or the other?


I've included the code for my event below. Thanks!


    public static void makeIceCubes(PlayerInteractEvent.LeftClickBlock event) {
        if (!event.getWorld().isRemote) {
            PlayerEntity playerEntity = event.getPlayer();
            ItemStack itemStack = playerEntity.getHeldItemMainhand();
            Item heldItem = itemStack.getItem();
            if (heldItem.equals(Items.ICE)) {
                World world = event.getWorld();
                int iceCubeCount = new Random().nextInt(3) + 1;
                ItemEntity itemEntity = new ItemEntity(world, playerEntity.getPosX(), playerEntity.getPosY(), playerEntity.getPosZ(), new ItemStack(ModItems.ICE_CUBE.get(), iceCubeCount));


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I had a briefly look so I might be wrong: This event is also triggered on server side in ServerPlayNetHandler L957, when received action StartDestroyBlock/AbortDestroyBlock/StopDestroyBlock, and I think that is the reason you had the even triggered once again when player release the mouse (aborts/stops block breaking), but I can not confirm that, you may want to test and see which part has trigger the event.


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A workaround to the fact that PlayerInteractEvent.LeftClickBlock is triggered multiple times could be to add a cooldown to the item, i.e. add this to your if statement:


and then set the cooldown in the then statement, something like this:

playerEntity.getCooldownTracker().setCooldown(heldItem, 5);


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