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Forge 35.1 Minecraft 1.16.4


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Forge Version: 35.1.4
Minecraft Version: 1.16.4

It's that time again, the 1.16.3 to 1.16.4 update is rather trivial for modders. The bulk of mods should just work. I would of posted this as a RB a while ago. But unfortunately I have been delayed because of having to move houses. Which has taken quite a lot of my time. The update was done within 30 mins of Mojang's release, and has been fairly stable fromt he get-go. I just havent had time to write this post and thus haven't done a RB.



  • New hook for Axe tools.
  • New hooks for modifying structures and spawn lists.
  • New event when players change game mode.
  • Revived BiomeDictionary, uses RegistryKey's instead of Biome objects as Biomes are now data driven in Vanilla.
  • Added tag support to enchantments, options, and tile entity types.
  • Added signature reporting of Mod jars to the mod list GUI. 
  • Reintroduced name tag distance attribue.
  • Added better auto-detection of ANSI support.
  • Added custom model loader support to data generators.
  • Added codec support for FluidStacks
  • Added support for loading 1.16.3 mods, as they should be inherently compatible. Mods can opt out with special crafted dependency info in their mods.toml.
  • Added better extension point for mods to control server compatibility test on the client.
  • Added player context to AnvilUpdateEvent
  • Added support for custom argument types without breaking vanilla clients.




  • Fixed vanilla Campfire smoke bug. MC-201374
  • Fixed toggleable keybindings still being active while in GUI Fixes
  • Fixed modded EntityClassifications not being useable in the codec.
  • Fixed log spam related to Object Holders
  • Fixed item tooltips not being screen wrapped anymore.
  • Fixed registry dumps being unsorted.
  • Fixed error when vines grew in certain configurations.
  • Fixed texture loading path.
  • Fixed RCON not sending newlines. MC-7569
  • Fixed RCON not using UTF8
  • Fixed logic error in ITeleporter implementation.
  • Fixed resource leak in OBJ Loader.
  • Fixed unnneded patches caused by crowdsourced names.
  • Fixed java performance issue when loading large modpacks due to java not correctly caching url comparisons.
  • Fixed data driven biomes failing to work with SingleBiomeProvider
  • Fixed custom Forge attributes using invalid translation keys.
  • Fixed concurrency issues with NonNullLazy.Concurrent
  • Fixed config parse failure causing crash.
  • Fixed game state not reverting to vanilla correctly before exiting when early mod events error.
  • Fixed biomes not correctly being assigned ids when loading existing worlds.
  • Fixed early sorting bug that was causing an exception at the wrong time and not correctly showing an error screen.
  • Fixed vanilla clients having log spam when connecting to modded servers with custom attributes.
  • Fixed player not rendering when camera is a different entity.
  • Fixed unpredictable order when adding new entries from a mod to an existing world with that mod.
  • Fixed harvest check event not firing when block doesn't require a tool.
  • Fixed Banner.toItem erroring on servers.
  • Fixed fake players overriding real players advancement tracking.
  • Fixed modded dimensions not loading properly during first run on dedicated servers.
  • Fixed concurrency issue in StartupMessageManager
  • Fixed food bar not rendering when mounted.
  • Fixed removing structures causing chunks to not be saved. MC-194811
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I do Forge for free, however the servers to run it arn't free, so anything is appreciated.
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