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Where to start with multi_noise biome source tweak [1.16.4]


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Hey, first time poster here

I'm currently working on a terrain generation datapack for an "underdark" dimension, and after learning a bit about the systems for multi_noise biome placement (mostly   from this excellent video and this wiki page) i had an idea for a simple (i think) mod that would work well with in tandem with my concept.


From what i understand (and let me know if anything is wrong), the multi_noise biome source uses 4 noise distributions; temperature, humidity, altitude, and weirdness, which are all "Perlin" Noise. These are used to decide where to put each biome based on the biome's own set values for these parameters. My idea is to change one of the perimeters, lets say temperature, to something resembling a circular gradient with a value of 0 at spawn that gradually increases to 2 consistently in all directions. This would create a world that has only cold biomes near the center, but gradually transitions into warmer biomes the further a player goes from spawn, until at some point only desert and badlands would be generated. For my purposes, i would use the parameter as a sort of difficulty slider, which the datapack would use to generate increasingly dangerous custom biomes containing more valuable resources the further away from the safe spawn biomes a player ventures.


My question is how difficult would something like this be for a first time molder with a good amount of university coding experience to implement? Ideally, this would be server side so players could join in vanilla as well.

I took a look at some other World Generation mods on GitHub, but it's pretty hard to find exactly what I'm looking for with all of the other features in those mod and my lack of experience.


Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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Hello, I've started learning world gen recently, so my answer may not be very accurate. 

Try looking into BiomeProvider.class. There is a static block at the end where vanilla registers those BiomeProviders (vanilla_layered, multi_noise...). Maybe (and again, I have no clue if this is correct), you can create a new BiomeProvider based on that multi_noise one (NetherBiomeProvider) and then register it by using a RegistryEvent.Register<Biome>. 

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