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Make player stand on custom entity


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As part of a bigger mod that adds alot of new creatures, I wanted to add an entity that behaves just like any other entity except that the Player can stand on top of it. Pretty similar to the Shulker entity.

I already scanned the whole Shulker entity code to find what is causing the Player to be able to walk, jump and sneak on them but I cannot seem to find it. What am I missing? Or are there other ideas to add this behavior?

I already tried setting the players Y motion to 0 when colliding with the entity. As well as boosting the player up when there is the entity beneath. But nothing makes it feel like standing on a block.

Any help is much appreciated :)

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I found it! For everyone, its this little function:

public boolean func_241845_aY() {
   return this.isAlive();

However the name of it depends on the mapping, doesnt it? Just search for a function that does the same thing in the Shulker entity class then. Or look at entity#canCollide :)

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