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Load mods from folder named with Minecraft version


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I remembered there used be a undocumented feature that allows FML to load mods from version folder, in order to help with multiple version installation. Like this:


However, as of 1.16.5 it is not working. The last version I remembered it to work was at 1.12.2.

Is this feature removed or not supported anymore? Or the usage changed? Or this is a bug?


* FML at 36.0.1

* Logs attached

* mods/1.16.5 folder contains two mods: Optifine and VoxelMap

* Moving those two mods out of 1.16.5 folder will result in them both loads fine.


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Try looking in C:\Program Files (x86)\Minecraft\Instances.

That is where all the different version instances are saved for me.

This might also be because I use pre-made modpacks from the CurseForge or Twitch Launchers. 


If you want a separate profile for each version you have to specify the directory that the mods are located in. 


For example, in your .minecraft folder, create a folder and name it whatever you want



Then open the Minecraft Launcher and navigate to the Installations tab, once there, you can create a new instance under the version you want. I chose to use 1.16.4 and you can name it what ever you want. 

Save that instance, run it, once everything has downloaded and you are at the Minecraft title screen close the game and reopen the launcher. 

Next, if you have already downloaded the forge loader you are going to use, run the jar file. 

After the forge loader has finished setting up every thing, go to the Instances tab in the Minecraft Launcher and edit the newly created instance.



Change the version to the release forge version, and in the Game Directory, put C:\Users\<Your USER >\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\<The folder name you created earlier>

Save the Instance, and load it, once the Minecraft title screen has loaded, your folder should look like this



Now you should be able to add what ever mods you want to the mod folder as long as they are compatible with that forge version.

One last tip, Optifine causes a lot of issues with forge as of 1.12, so I would suggest adding a mod called OptiForge along with Optifine. 

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3 hours ago, Forbidden_Angel22 said:

- quoted thread omitted - 

Thanks for the update. Got it to work. It seems like I was lack of knowledge of the new "installation" system.


I created a separate installation folder, put a mods folder inside, then put mods inside. That specific installation will now load the mods I provided, without affecting other installations.

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