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Need a way to change which recipes load based on configs


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My mod disables ore and pottery smelting and adds "machines" that expand those processes. The problem is i want to have configs to disable certain parts of the mod but i cant because the recipes will still be removed. In 1.12 i removed those recipes via code but i cant seem to be able to do that now. I would prefer an in-code way to do it like a recipeRegisterEvent as i need to be able to disable other mods recipes too. With the json system i can only disable vanilla recipes.

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One way would be to implement ICondition and register it with CraftingHelper. Then you put the condition in recipe json and it performs a check against config settings (code in your ICondition class). If the condition passes then recipe is loaded otherwise it is skipped. It seemed to work for me, just a little painful.


Not sure how you do other mods without shipping modified versions of their json files.

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