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(1.16.5) Draw colored outline for item in GUI

Soft-fur dragon

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Item may be both mine or vanilla

As title says, I want to render it in GUI

yes, ItemStack

Current render code

        this.itemRenderer.zLevel = 100.0F;
        for (ResearchTableEntity.ItemState state : container.researchTableEntity.getItemStates()) {
            this.itemRenderer.renderItemAndEffectIntoGUI(this.minecraft.player, state.item, tableRect.x + state.pos.x - 8, tableRect.y + state.pos.y - 8);
        this.itemRenderer.zLevel = 0.0F;


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hm, I'm thinking you could use of a shader, there may be a simpler way which I'm not aware of;

Silhouete and outline are different things, to shade for a silhoute you could render any non-tranparent pixel of the item texture as black (or whatever color you'd want for the silhoute. actually, if you grayscaled the item texture you could tint it to whatever monochrome color you'd want). shaders for outline are a little more complicated, but not much, you can find info on such shaders online

again, there maybe be an easier way to do it, but I'm not sure

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