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Find out if a player has loaded the mod

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I'm currently working on a mod for a server and I'd like to make sure that people who connect without the mod is disconnected, but I have no idea how I should do it, the mod will be installed on the server side and will have to be installed on the client side, but how do I know if it is well installed on the client side? 

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4 hours ago, ChampionAsh5357 said:

Any mod present on the server (assuming it doesn't have the ignore extension point set) must be present on the client to allow both to connect.

This is not true. This is only used in the server list display to show the server as compatible or incompatible (which is just a guess, it is not a surefire way to know if the server is compatible).


When connecting to a server, mods are not checked for compatibility. What is checked, is network channels and registry entries. If you want to check compatibility, add a network channel.

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Create the channel on the server side.

When the client connects, if they don't create that same channel, they cannot connect.

You don't have to do anything besides create the channel.

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private static final String PROTOCOL_VERSION = "1.0";

public static final SimpleChannel INSTANCE = NetworkRegistry.newSimpleChannel(

    new ResourceLocation("cosmod", "main"),





I actually have this in a class i don't have to specify i register the simpleimpl anywhere ? 

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Calling newSimpleChannel is the registration. Hence doing it in some random static initializer is a bad idea. Do it at a known point in time, FMLCommonSetupEvent would be appropriate.

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