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My mod won't appear in src/main/java in Eclipse


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what do you mean "won't appear"?

the forge mdk comes with a default examplemod under src/main/java, but it is not necessary, you can create your own package, following the maven package naming conventions, and put your mod there

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3 minutes ago, DMD_ said:

sorry I'm new to modding and java completely, but what is the maven package naming convention.

if you're new to java, minecraft modding is a pretty tough first-project, if you already have experience with similar OOP languages,, like C#, learning Java as you go isn't that hard, but if not, I'd suggest taking some time to understand java by itself before diving into modding

the maven naming convention is just a convention on how to name your packages, it should usually be under a domain you own (like a website), but backwards, and then the project. and if you don't own a domain, you can use your github account: https://maven.apache.org/guides/mini/guide-naming-conventions.html, but don't worry too much about it

if you can't find a tutorial for a supported version, silentchaos512 has a pretty good and updated series over on youtube for 1.16 I can recommend

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