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  1. You can subscribe to RenderWorldLastEvent and manually render the player there. Only do this on the client that has its view entity changed to the camera.
  2. Oh hey you are making a JoJo mod! So the effect is global? In that case just send a packet to all clients that is in the same dimension (or else, depending on the coverage of the effect), and cancel all velocity of entities. The same works with continuing the time (except you will need to also include the initial velocity of all entities).
  3. Do you know how to code? If not, please learn Java first, as this forum does not provide copy-pasta code (we prefer you to learn how it works rather than copying and pasting other's work without learning anything). Show what you have tried.
  4. You will have to cancel the velocity on the client side too. Where are you doing this? If it is in a tile entity or a tickable object then you could get away with canceling the velocity of nearby objects on the client side in tick, otherwise you can create a stop time packet containing the range (coverage of the effect in the world) of the stop time effect, and send that to the client (as sending individual update velocity packets is both inefficient and considered a bad practice).
  5. In that case you just Minecraft.getInstance().player
  6. You should really just make the mod server side and send whatever information you need from there to the client.
  7. Post what you’ve tried. The procedure should be very similar to the name tag displaying code. Post would be better in my opinion. Most people would expect stuff that changes the vanilla model to be in pre (scaling, rotating, etc) and additions to the rendering in post (health bars, rune circles, texts, etc). Following this allows other modders to cancel the event/modify stuff during the event without unexpected behaviors happening.
  8. I'm currently on 31.1.44 (haven't updated yet). It might have been removed in more recent updates.
  9. Hmm I can still find isOpaqueCube in the Block class in my 1.15 workspace. Not sure if using it is a good practice though (since the not solid is set in block properties now, as demonstrated by a few vanilla blocks).
  10. Note that IDEs don't matter in the actual programming part. Either override Block#isOpaqueCube to return false call Properties#notSolid when constructing the block or make the block's voxel shape not fill up the entire 1*1*1 space.
  11. It doesn't act similarly to other projectiles. Whoa when did that get added?
  12. That is not possible. What will the end result of your mod be like? It sounds like you are using a wrong method in approaching your problem.
  13. You can’t modify the crafting matrix in that event. Create a custom IRecipe instead.
  14. No. What are you trying to do from an end-user’s perspective?
  15. FireworkRocketEntity is not a projectile; it wouldn’t make sense for it to trigger ProjectileImpactEvent.
  16. The current Windows launcher and Mac launcher are the same; they are all updated to use the newer launcher. Newer versions of the legacy launcher do support Minecraft versions above 1.13. Maybe Twitch screwed ups and didn't update or something.
  17. You need to do this on the server side. Use World#isRemote to check whether the sides (true for client, false for server).
  18. The whole system is moving towards data packs, so what can be done in json should be done in json. You can still do anything you can do with Java with json.
  19. I wouldn't call that monologuing. Draco18s is teaching you the correct/most effective way in solving similar problems (by searching in vanilla code and on the forums).
  20. If you are implementing a curse effect then you should do all this server side. You can then send a packet to the client to rotate the camera or play certain animation.
  21. You will need a basic understanding of math/linear algebra to make mods that involved entity movement and custom rendering. I would suggest learning that first.
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