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  1. Subscribe to RenderWorldLastEvent and do your render there. Look at how snowball does its rendering; they are similar in drawing the sprite to face the camera.
  2. Using the default file browser to look for hidden files is not a good idea. Use your command line and do a recursive search instead.
  3. You do have control over it. Just rm it from the terminal.
  4. There is no need to cast to ServerPlayerEntity. Just do what you want to do there. Check the side with World#isRemote though.
  5. You will have to create a custom IRecipe implementation for that. Check out the documentation on that. The EnchantmentUtils (or is it EnchantmentHelper) class might also contain some useful functions.
  6. Override Item#onEntityInteract (probably spelt differently; use your IDE to find it) and damage the LivingEntity given there.
  7. 1.12 is no longer supported on these forums due to its age. Please update to a modern version of Minecraft to receive support.
  8. NightConfig is what Forge use for its config system. It is not from a separate mod.
  9. 1. Why did you cut out the bottom part of the log? 2. 1.12.2 is no longer supported on these forums. Please update to a modern version of Minecraft (1.14 and above) to receive support.
  10. Slots not being empty != the player is wearing the specified armor piece.
  11. You cannot, unless the mod is also installed on the server, in which case you should use packets.
  12. Ah sorry! I somehow forgot to push to remote for quite a while. Anyways, here is the blockstate file. (Note that by item_pipe I meant the model of the pipe that transfers item, as opposed to the item model of a pipe) In addition, SixWayBlock can handles almost everything about the blockstate and collision boxes of a block that can connect to 6 directions (i.e. pipes). Check out the vanilla chorus plant for usage.
  13. I previously made some pipes in one of my test mods here. They can’t transfer items at the moment, but the models and connection to other pipes/inventories are functional. Check out the block state file for it, which used the multipart feature of the model system.
  14. “Research” in this context means searching (as opposed to asking). The proper method of finding a solution is as follow: 1. Use Google/any relevant method of searching in the specific topic. 2. If step 1 yields no results, ask other people. The reason why step 1 precedes step 2 is it doesn’t require other people’s attention/time. If everyone asks trivial questions/questions that has been asked numerous times before, then the forums would be flooded by the same question. This would take up other forum members/staffs’ time, making people who are really in need of the forum unable to find help.
  15. If I understood correctly, you are looking for Direction#getOpposite. Unfortunately, I am having difficulties understanding you due to your grammatical inaccuracy. Please try rephrasing.
  16. In that case your graphic card might not support OpenGL.
  17. Your texture does not exist, at least not the way you are expecting. You need to stitch the texture to the place where you told the game to look in (AtlasTexture.LOCATION_BLOCKS_TEXTURE). You need to stitch the texture onto the texture atlas.
  18. Follow one of the tutorials suggested above. I would recommend this one: https://cadiboo.github.io/tutorials/1.15.2/forge/, as it goes through the setting up of the workspace. I personally use Eclipse for modding, but most Java IDEs that support Gradle should work fine. You can even mod with a text editor if you want (I definitely wouldn't recommend it though). Java is quite structurally and syntactically different from Python and Lua (and HTML isn't a programming language), but if you are familiar with programming concepts then you should be good to go.
  19. The "flatten the code" is meant for different blocks. Previously due to the ID limit, mod authors commonly associate different types of item to the same ID (i.e. different colored cobblestone, or vanilla's different colored wool). These should be flattened and separated into different block registry entries. However this is not the case in your case. Your two blocks are similar to the off and on state of redstone lamp, and your two blocks functions similarly (can be done with a single tile entity). It sounds like the only difference between the two blocks is the texture of the block, which would be easier to manage with block state properties.
  20. Instead of swapping blocks, you should use block state properties.
  21. What do you mean by “overriding something”?
  22. Get the unit vector of the entity to the destination and scale that by the desired speed, then move the entity by that amount.
  23. Depending on the game type of the server, it may be more up to how server plugins are written rather than the game itself (i.e. mini game servers rely heavily on the performance of the mini game plugins). As for optimizing the game itself, projects like Spigot provide tweaked server jars that might improve server performance.
  24. Except that would break every world interaction as well as cause a ton of concurrency issues. Adding more threads doesn’t mean the game would be faster and better; threading is not a magical solution to all performance issues. Threading should only be used if the routine to be put on another thread makes sense to be on another thread (i.e. make the checking for update routine separate from the main game thread, or separate the render thread from the game logic thread (not Minecraft specific)). It is not as simple as totalTimeUsed / threadCount = actualTimeUsed.
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