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  1. This isn't working for me, and some of them won't be recognized by gradle/gradlew. The 2 imports are still (or again) missing...
  2. The problem was gone for a while and I don't how, but it is present again. My big problem with Gradle is that it seems to delete the imported jars for all other gradle projects if I refresh the imports for a gradle project. I don't know if it is normal but I know that it is happening to me. And I think that is the most problem why I have such problems mostly... I could try this, in the hope it will work...
  3. If I do that, I get this message from Eclipse: The import net.minecraftforge.eventbus.api.IEventBus cannot be resolved
  4. I refreshed my project multiple times, I restarted Eclipse multiple times and even my computer. The classes are still missing...
  5. SubscribeEvent cannot be imported because Eclipse cannot find it. And for IEventBus I get this message: The type net.minecraftforge.eventbus.api.IEventBus cannot be resolved. It is indirectly referenced from required .class files The other classes that I need for my mod are all present and I am able to import them, except the both above...
  6. I have create multiple projects with the Forge MDK for 1.16.3 and in every project the same classes are missing. I made the same as usual to initialize the MDK as mentioned in the Forge Wiki or how it is called...
  7. I wanted to update a little mod that I made. In 1.16.2 all classes are present, but in 1.16.3 seems that some classes are missing, like the most part of the event bus. Could it be a mistake by me that classes like IEventBus and SubscribeEvent aren't present? Or is the MDK incomplete? I would like to get an answer so I can update my mod, thanks!
  8. Thanks, but now I need to resolve some problems with my external lib.
  9. In the meanwhile I am updating my mods to the latest version, too. But I have problems with some things, like the ore gen or some events. I just can't find some important things I used earlier. Sometimes the old versions are better because I don't have to call multiple methods to do something which is in as example 1.12 only requiring a single method call. And I used the GameRegistry to register all of my recipes, which I can't use anymore since the method got removed. And of course without JSON I coudn't make my item models because I never understand to do that in Model classes.
  10. In earlier versions I could detect a server connection on client with the ClientConnectionToServerEvent, but I can't find it anymore. Is there any replacement I can use to detect a server connection and disconnection on client? Thanks for any help!
  11. I have the feeling that you are running 1.12.2 and that a moderator will close this topic. It's just a feeling...
  12. I am programming a block which should use the energy of a lightning bolt, but I am unable to detect such impacts. All entity detection methods from Block class aren't able to detect them, but I can detect every other kind of Entity. Is there any possibility for that? Thanks for answers!
  13. Then I know now why all good mods aren't available for the newest version. It isn't anything against you, if you should think so...
  14. Then I need to add that I load my own config files a little bit different than forge it does. (In 1.6.4 it never worked properly for me and since then I never used them again...) Well, since 1.7.10 I ever registered my things in the preinit using the findRegistry command in GameRegistry, and in 1.14.4 and 1.15.2 I was forced to use that registry events since the findRegistry command in the GameRegistry was removed.
  15. As it seems I would say everything from 1.12.2 up to 1.15.2... Well, I know that already from other topics but I want to do that, because my mod is already using a dynamic registration for other things of my mod and now I want to build something similar to import textures and model files from anywhere at runtime. I wouldn't want to use a mod if I had to copy a huge amount of files (textures and model files) in a jar mod file myself before I could use a mod, I think this makes some sense... (Sorry for my bad english.)
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