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  1. I know your pain, what I use on the client instead is: But this also fires on dimension changes. It's useful at times, but should be used with care. @SubscribeEvent public static void onEvent(EntityJoinWorldEvent event) { if ((event.getEntity() instanceof EntityPlayer)) { } }
  2. Check out how rwtema handles Extra-Utilities Personally I've attempted to use SourceTree and Perforce P4Merge to help with migrating changes between versions of a mod I made on 1.12, 1.11, and 1.10. But due to both method and field name changes, vanilla and forge changes it's always very messy. McJty uses his custom library to deal with the version differences. The best you can do is isolate the unique things your mod provides as best you can and put the version dependent things elsewhere.
  3. I forgot about it, but remembered it and thought I should mention here since you started working on a tutorial. Another person did a PR Add rotation origin variable #3875 and noting the lack of documentation, started the link I shared.
  4. There is an open PR for for adding documentation for the animation API [WIP] Animation API Docs Sorry I was of not much help in this thread. I've worked with the API to the extent I can get animated blocks to work, but I have yet to release a mod that actually uses it.
  5. Regarding the proper use of itemstacks since 1.11.2 This is not really helping fix your problem. But knowing this will save you a lot of pain down the road. I did try to build your mod the other day. I did load up all the gems and ingot, but there was no item for the compressor block. I assume the version you had on GitHub at the time was not as functional as the one in you dev environment. I did not take a lot of time to look around, but I think you should locate the Forge Animation test/debug sources and compare that against what you are trying to do. AnimatedModelTest.java resources for forgedebugmodelanimation
  6. It may not return null, but it's a bad practice to assume it's not null because it's built into Forge. Anyway it may be easier to help trouble shoot if you put your code in repository like GitHub. There are examples in forge source too. I have a TestMod that has more examples of working Forge Animations NOTE Per Forge Documentation regarding hasCapability. http://mcforge.readthedocs.io/en/latest/datastorage/capabilities/ You need to be careful referring to Botania code. Vazkii writes nice code, but it can be hard to follow since his mods also depend on his libraries. Take special care to look for cases where he extends his own version of TE classes.
  7. My Bad. I edited my post to correct the code. You must override hasCapability properly and return the super.hasCapability.if it does not match. The animation system will not process your animation if your hasCapaibility does not explicitly match CapabilityAnimation.ANIMATION_CAPABILITY and return true,
  8. Your TE your hasCapability method is not returning CapabilityAnimation.ANIMATION_CAPABILITY. e.g. something like @Override @Nullable public <T> T getCapability(@Nonnull Capability<T> capability, @Nullable EnumFacing side) { if(capability == CapabilityAnimation.ANIMATION_CAPABILITY) { return CapabilityAnimation.ANIMATION_CAPABILITY.cast(asm); } return super.getCapability(capability, side); }
  9. When I disabled recipes via mod config I created a pair of IRecipeFactory classes (recipe factories) for my recipes and did overrides on a couple of methods. This seems to work well as long as you disable the recipes you don't want before you create a world. See here here here.here. I'd be curious to know if they way I'm doing this is bad or not.
  10. #4962 by bs2609 solved the issue. Forge Build 1.12.2-
  11. I've add a comment to your issue #4960 I've gone back with a test mod and found the build where this issue started. fastTESR artifacts for the Forge Animation System begin starting with this build Build 2474: bs2609: Improve generation of normals for vanilla models (#4313) bs2609: Patch block model renderer to use location-aware light value (#4303) is okay, no "Black Flickering" rendering artifacts present in this version for the Forge Animation System. Hopefully someone can do a PR to fix it. I have not yet looked at #4303 and #4313 to see exactly what changed .
  12. The src folder in the repository is not accessible.
  13. gegy1000 is now hosting the LLibrary dev files at a different maven. He needs to update the documentation. Change the maven to https://maven.mcmoddev.com e.g. repositories { mavenCentral() maven { url = "https://maven.mcmoddev.com" } }
  14. It's been a while since I've used LLIbrary, but as long as the maven and dependency options, version, etc., are correct, the specified version of LLiibrary will be downloaded to your development environment when you setup the workspace again. i.e. gradlew setupdecompworkspace
  15. I believe diesieben07 linked this code for a similar post about transforming baked quads. https://github.com/Vazkii/Botania/blob/master/src/main/java/vazkii/botania/client/model/GunModel.java#L82-L106
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