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  1. You can if it's the top slab. You tried overriding BlockSlab to see if that works? Not tested it though.
  2. http://www.minecraftforge.net/forum/index.php/topic,20435.0.html
  3. I know, but that was posted before here. I linked it so you can follow progress from both places, in case one makes a discovery before the other. Also, it was to show you there was others with the same issue
  4. http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/2770067-help-gradlewbat-build-fails/ I'm having a similar issue, as are these other people. Seems to be a forge-side issue.
  5. Can I just say, I've had the same issue too, except it also happens when I only register a single achievement. Exactly the same duplicate ID issue as this. Never did find a fix
  6. Hey! I plan on using the achievement system as a task system, where you can work through the tasks to find out more information about the items or blocks in my mod. Due to the vanilla achievement system being pretty much what I need, I was thinking it may be more efficient to hook into that than to code my own replica of it. I was wondering this. Would it be possible to hook into the achievement system in a way that when an achievement in the GUI is clicked, it opens a second window with text, possibly images, about the achievement? If so, would it be more or less efficient than creating a copy of the system to handle the same functions. Finally, is there any way to open a specific page in GuiAchievements without the use of ASM? Opening the achievements window works fine, but currentPage is private with no real way of changing it. Aside from this, I appear to be having an issue with the ids used to register achievements. If I register an achievement with id 3000, it works fine the first time, but upon loading the game a second time it claims the id is taken. This only happens to ids which have been used before, which baffles me as to how to make the game ruinable more than once. Thanks for any tips or suggestions on how I could possibly go around doing this. Any help is appreciated! Luis
  7. luisc99


    I'm pretty sure there is, or used to be, a function for liquids called .isGaseous(true) to define them as a gas. What is majorly different between gasses and liquids anyway?
  8. But you're using a different method for generating your structure as you are your ore. You are calling generateStructure() for your ore in the case: 0 check, but from the code above it seems you're not calling generateStructure1() with your structure anywhere. You need to call it from somewhere, be it the case statement of the end of the ore generating method.
  9. Are you calling the generateSurface1() method anywhere?
  10. Maybe a wiki page would be good for this, if managed properly. Then it's a free-to-edit thing
  11. .getOreId doesn't get the item ID, it gets a unique ID for the ore type. You could use .getOres(name) and cycle through the returned items stacks to get their item/block IDs in a for loop instead?
  12. @Override public void registerIcons(IconRegister icon) { this.blockIcon = icon.registerIcon("snowstorm:blanket"); } Should have come up with an error in eclipse...
  13. I too have been having some problems with Gradle for OS X, although not in the way above. For some reason, gradlew seems it can't find the task setupDecompWorkspace , and tells me to try gradlew tasks where it too does not show up. Not sure if I'm missing something obvious or not, or if it actually isn't working. Log: EDIT: I figured it out, it was a derp. I ran cd /Volumes/LUIS/Development/MCP then dragged the gradlew file into the terminal, and it worked. Just a little heads-up to anyone having the same problem, don't forget to direct the terminal to your folder first!
  14. From the GitHub, it seems that Ticks are now cpw.mods.fml.common.gameevent.TickEvent.class, and crafting and smelting are in cpw.mods.fml.common.gameevent.PlayerEvent. Haven't tested them though...
  15. http://www.minecraftforge.net/wiki/Using_wavefront_model
  16. For the 1.7 release, will there be some sort of reference explaining what methods and such we should use instead of the depreciated ones, or will we have to root around for the answer?
  17. For an item I am creating, I need to get a tint colour for one of the render passes from a value saved in its NBT data tag. Currently, I am using a string such as "0xFF00CC" to get a nice pink colour, or various other hex colour multipliers. My only problem is that the vanilla ItemRenderer requires an integer for its colour multiplier, rarther than a string. I've tried searching around to see if there is any conversion code, but I can't seem to be able to find any. Aside from trial and error on colours, if there any way to work around this? Or does anyone know of any code to convert the string value to an integer multiplier, or of any programs or web apps which may do this conversion? My googling doesn't seem to come up with anything Luis
  18. @Init, @PreInit and @PostInit were all replaced with @EventHandler
  19. Will the inventory item show the liquid in it? If not can't you just make the texture icon one that looks like a block?
  20. If when extracting you have spaces in the directory, such as "C:/Users/John Smith/Forge" the gradle.bat will fail to run, claiming to not find the directory as a valid workspace. Not really a major issue, but an annoying one that should probably not happen. Letting you know for reference
  21. For the part of the mod I am working on now, I need to assign a tag to each unique item, which I am storing in a HashMap at the moment. Originally, I planned to use ItemStacks in the hashmap and assign my tag to that, however due to all itemstacks being seperate that wouldn't work. Using item IDS or the item itself would also be possible, although this would break down when it comes to metadata items as they all share a class/id. Are there any other ways of saving both metadata and id in one tag, or is there something in the ItemStack that I am missing? Would saving a string of "id:meta" be worthwhile, or are ItemStacks the best option? Sorry if this doesn't really seem like an issue, but is is confusing me and I am at a total loss as to what else I could try. Luis
  22. Doesn't \n work in the font renderer? I'm pretty sure it used to...
  23. http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1882076-forge-domis-advanced-modding-tutorials-taking-requests/page__hl__+connected +textures#entry23343162
  24. Someone in ModJam did this, and they put it up on github. https://github.com/fuj1n/modJam/blob/master/common/blocks/BlockAwesomeOre.java https://github.com/fuj1n/modJam/blob/master/client/ClientProxyModJam.java https://github.com/fuj1n/modJam/blob/master/client/render/RenderAwesomeOre.java https://github.com/fuj1n/modJam/blob/master/textures/mods/AwesomeMod/textures/blocks/fuj1n.AwesomeMod.awesomeOrePink.png
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