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  1. EDIT: I fixed this issue by reinstalling the Forge MDK.
  2. EDIT: I fixed this issue by reinstalling the Forge MDK. I accidentally posted this topic in the normal Modder Support section, but I switched sections to this one. OS: Windows 10 Java Version: Java 8 (Java 1.8) OpenJDK build: AdoptOpenJDK Minecraft version: 1.16.5 GPU: NVIDIA 1660ti CPU: AMD Ryzen 5900XT 12-core RAM: 128 GB I cannot build my mod. I used gradlew.bat build in a Command Prompt window. The command output is at the bottom. If you need more information, ask me! To honour the JVM settings for this buil
  3. To make a zoom key, you need to add some event listeners. We can do it this way. Here is the event listener code: @SubscribeEvent public static void onFovChange(FOVUpdateEvent fovEvent) { // Update the original FOV variable if(YourMainClass.originalFov != fovEvent.getNewfov() && fovEvent.getNewfov() != YourMainClass.zoomedInFOV) YourMainClass.originalFov=fovEvent.getNewfov(); } @SubscribeEvent public static void onKeyPress(KeyboardKeyPressedEvent keyEvent) { if(keyEvent.getKeyCode()==YourMainClass.zoomKeyCode) YourMainClass.mc.g
  4. Thanks for all of this. However, I don't know how to make sure that the text will not overlap. Is it possible to specify a specific font size?
  5. Thanks, but what does this code do? // UtilitiesMod.overworldPosStack is the matrix stack I am using for this UtilitiesMod.overworldPosStack.scale(0,0,0);
  6. How do I draw text on the screen? Basically, what does the function arguments of the function Minecraft.getInstance().fontRenderer.drawString() mean? Here is the code I used (UtilitiesMod is a static reference to my main mod class): // Code to draw the text fontRenderer.drawString(UtilitiesMod.netherPosStack, "Position (nether): "+UtilitiesMod.mcInstance.player.getPosX()/8+" "+UtilitiesMod.mcInstance.player.getPosY()/8+" "+UtilitiesMod.mcInstance.player.getPosZ()/8,1,0-(UtilitiesMod.mcInstance.currentScreen.height/2),14); // Main class (code for the MatrixStack variables) public static M
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