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  1. I know but there isnt any way anymore to make spigot work with forge, like Cauldron back in 1.7. Also i'm very reluctant to add yet another "API" prone to crash or clash with mods (Sponge), so thats why one day i will be very happy if someone makes a "native" Forge mod adding that funcionality. You really doesnt read my reply above. Go for it before vomiting such things.
  2. I actually fixed that by updating my AMD drivers to the latest standard version (Adrenalin 18.8.2) (i was using a Lenovo-patched version provided by Windows Update). The only drawback to let AMD rendering the game is Xaeros WorldMap give a strange crash and the author said it was because"your graphics drivers decide not to compress the texture even though the mod requests them to".
  3. Not trying to defend him, but i didnt even see signatures anymore on the forums. What should i do to see they again?
  4. Well WorldMap wasnt so important for me anyway (Minimap otherwise is essential - but in fairplay mode - and no other alternative approaches in vanilla look and feel). About 1.13.1 i think Forge will backport .1 bugfixes back to 1.13 builds for a while just like they did before (1.8 to 1.12).
  5. Or this hastebin. VanillaFix auto upload the crash-report to this place if installed.
  6. Speaking of Xaeros Mods i need to give up of WorldMap after i update my AMD graphic drivers (to solve this issue) when i tried to run Minecraft a weird crash happens and talking with Xaeros he said the fault was of the newest driver not "compressing" the textures right (O.o). Since its a closed source mod i cant even know if he follows good programming practices or is hacking a hell out around to make his mod work, because i never had this kind of issue with modded Minecraft before.
  7. Meh. Since the official profiles feature was introduced this should be killed with fire. Some tips i posted in another thread about how to use profiles:
  8. Another tip, at least what i use in my installation: I always point every profile to a subfolder in .minecraft. In case i've created a "profiles" folder inside .minecraft, and inside it i create a folder for every profile For example: .minecraft |_versions |_profiles |_1.12.2_forge |_default (the default profile the new Mojang launcher adds) |_snapshot (the default profile the new Mojang launcher adds if you enable snapshots support) |_1.7.10_my_olde_modpack And then in every profile i set the game directory option to the associated profiles subfolder (FULL PATH): (ie. C:\Users\myuser\AppData\.minecraft\profiles\1.12.2_forge) Its far more better to manage profiles via that and less prone to errors when updating the MC/Forge version (just create another profile (ie. Forge 1.12.2) and create a equivalent subfolder for that (.minecraft/profiles/forge_1.12.2), and then point that directory to the game directory option in the said profile) than just let minecraft shove the profile files in the .minecraft root. If you does that only assets, versions and the launcher profiles.json wil be stored right on root.
  9. Staying in 1.7 is not only a dumb resistance for change, its a dishonest way to fool new players and (mainly) modpackers and server admins to stay with a very old version with more problems and less features. Man, i will list just some amazing things for those guys Mojang introduced starting on 1.8: - Banners and Shields (medieval hype YAY); - Rabbits (i only miss them being tamable in vanilla); - Polar Bear; - Armor stands (i suffered a hell back in 1.6 when i tried to install a armor stand mod); - Spectator gamemode (good for Hunger Games-styled gameplays); - Grass paths (great way to make makeshift roads to ride your cool horse and guide yourself); - Arrows with potions (very interesting mechanics); - RESOURCE PACKS (change audio, textures, far more things than before); - DATA PACKS (1.13); - Loot Tables (with them adding items in loot from other mods became far more easy and acessible to pack makers, provided the mod use the system propely); - Recipe JSON system (1.13?) (same of above); - The whole structure system (i will talk about below); - Command Blocks; - Customized world type (its a very powerful mode to play); - Buffet world type too (1.13); - End civilization; - SHULKER BOXES; - ELYTRA!!! - HERE'S JOHNNY (dont remember the name of the mob, is a blue villager); - The fancy map related to the mob below; - I already said Data Packs? - OCEAN STUFF! FINALLY (1.13); - The new terracottas (people hate it at first, but with proper handling amazing buildings can be made; - THE FLATTENING (1.13) (It would turn things far more easier for pack makers, everything separately for me is better); Dont like the cooldown system introduced by Combat Update? Here. Everything became more clear and nice to tweak in my opinion. Even for mods it really impacted. Remember the old AtomycStryker Ruins mod? Vazkii made Pillar, which use the vanilla structure system and is far more easy to make than the former. There are also other examples similar in which a new replacement mod does things far less shady than their precursor and uses more the available vanilla systems (perharps NEI > JEI can count). There only a small couple of mods i lost, but i would say its more because of Bukkit drama and shutdown than the 1.8 transition: TrainCarts (i still waiting for someone to make this), perharps Lockette (but Vanilla introduced a way to lock chests already), the permission system (althourgh i dont play multyplayer enough and with so much people to actually require it) and any mod to change the Villager models to Humans (i think today this would be a violation of EULA, but MCA is somewhat still going). Anyway for any modder still coding only for 1.7: PLEASE dont force your players to stick with a version so old and with so few features Beta was good but this new versions are EXCELLENT, such amazing RPG-esque tematics for me were decisive to add a new breath to the game.
  10. That mods are on 1.7.x because the modders are lazy or simply give up with modding. And supporting a version released June 26, 2014 (4 years, 2 months according to timeanddate.com, 4 major versions behind) is just wasting precious disk and processing power of the forum, let alone time of Forge devs and moderators.
  11. Upvoted. BTW i didnt knew Forge allowed other CDNs to rehosting their binaries. Is this even legal?
  12. Thanks Daemon EDIT: Gegy just confirmed it was Terrarium the culprit. He already fix the issue. Can close it now! Thanks!
  13. Oh hello! I have a personal modpack which i host on my personal git server, and after a while i decided to setup again a dedicated server to keep my CC turtles running even if i need to close the client for a random reason. I always separate "universal" (i.e. works in both sides) and singleplayer-only mods in two distinct folders: the proper "mods" for universals and "mods_client" (symlinking it with "mods/1.12.2") for ssp-only mods, and when i cloned the modpack repo into the dedicated server folder i was sure to not symlink the mods_client, so no ssp-only mods load on dedicated server. But for my surprise today i got this crash when i tried to boot the server. I tried to read but i didn't find any clue for what was the culprit mod. So i'm posting on OFF-Topic because i'm sure its not related to Forge, but came anyway because you guys could help me figuring out what mod broke. Thanks in advance!
  14. I know his problem was outdated Xaeros Minimap, but FYI the place to get the mod with the cutting edge latest version is http://chocolateminecraft.com/index.php (the official site for Xaeros mods). Curse builds are delayed for a couple days. And like you said, any other site isnt the real one.
  15. I know 2750 is a dev build, but running its installer gives me this crash. I tried downloading two times but always got it.
  16. Well i think it can be some issue on Windows 10. I've updated my drivers to see if Catalyst shows up like @tgt said BUT not only the same control panel (but with more options) was installed, it shows a completely different model for my GPU (now its AMD Radeon HD 8500M). A menu similar to tgt said it would appear on catalyst appeared, but the chrome, firefox and internet explorer are locked and i cant make them use other option than "Power saving" (idk if this is the correct english string, the menu is in portuguese here). Besides this i launched Vanilla 1.13 and some activity appeared on my GPU 1 chart on Task Manager, seems to be only my 1.12.2 w/ modpack and the rest of browsers (incl. Edge) which are insisting to use the integrated graphics. That sucks
  17. And where can i find the Catalyst control? I downloaded the latest driver for my card and the same control panel i printed came again.
  18. Well, a bit off-topic question. After seeing on snooper my game apparently is picking Intel GPU instead of AMD Radeon (my laptop is Lenovo G50-80 variant with AMD Radeon R5 M330 embed), since its reporting opengl_vendor as Intel. So i stumble with this response from diesieben07 and he tell the other guy: I tried to find this solution on Google but unfortunately i didnt find anything relevant. Plus my Radeon is pretty different from the ones listed on the closest answers (sorry for portuguese interface on the print): I tried to assing javaw.exe (i use the "new" Mojang launcher but in the profile options i always point for the JRE installed instead of embed one) in this control panel but it still shows me "Intel" as opengl_vendor. So i'm completely clueless about how to switch it to my dedicated GPU. Any help?
  19. That's why i always try to stick only with open-source mods (pref with source code on Github or similar). In those cases there's always someone forking the repo to keep them updated (Timberjack for example).
  20. Seriously, dont link 9minecraft, its a scam website (http://stopmodreposts.org/ and https://github.com/StopModReposts/Illegal-Mod-Sites/blob/master/SITES.md)
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