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  1. Nope. You will need a proper mod version for each MC/Forge version you are using.
  2. CC:Tweaked (ComputerCraft fork by SquidDev) and OpenFM are my staples.
  3. And if you go on and not use .lang files you will only make the life of non-english players harder
  4. I think OP should talk a bit with MCEdit devs, since this tool is known to work with vastly different save format (alpha, beta, anvil). Anyway, the way he "give up" here and talking about "finding another solution" makes me sure i will never use WorldPainter anymore. I'm not going to risk lose my saves due to miscommunication from him.
  5. ...or MyCrayfish model creator https://mrcrayfish.com/tools?id=mc
  6. And last time i checked you can install several versions of Java simultaneously in your system. Just indicate whats the proper JRE to run on profile options in the launcher.
  7. And if you want to contact WorldEdit Forge Version authors you should go to its CurseForge page, there its useful links like issues (for bugs) and wikis.
  8. I hate to be "that guy", but since i cant figure alone whats going on i came here. Maybe someone suffering the same thing can tell me if this is a vanilla issue or some mod is breaking rendering. I have this issue running for ages. Since 1.7.10 from what i remember. The only mods i was running since that time are ComputerCraft, but i dont know how i could be interfering with general rendering. Anyway the problem i have is the following: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_yiS16YEMps&feature=youtu.be Basically when moving the view sometimes parts of the map on edge of vision field get x-rayed, revealing what's below the surface. This is very annoying and i never manage to Currently i'm using MC 1.12.2, Forge and the following mods (posting the filenames because moddetectorapi is broken to give a beautiful list): For reference, my latest gameplay logs: https://gist.github.com/vpontin/35e67484576e8f8857ab222be6a940e2 It have some errors in models and an error in an advancement because i changed the chest recipe using crafttweaker, but thing this isnt related to the issue. And for information, i didnt use Optifine (when i used this on the past the bug still happen). Anyway thanks a lot for any hint!
  9. *cracked minecraft* Did you see that?
  10. This is so grumesome beyond words. Basically exploiting the upnp feature of torrent clients. Even if they doesnt know how to port forwarding they can use a standalone and proper upnp tool. Just google it.
  11. The closest thing of MCPC/Cauldron/KCauldron/Thermos for now is SpongeForge. But some bukkit plugins concepts are already ported into forge (WorldEdit, Area protection, etc). The only thing lacking for now is a permission system similar to what bukkit had.
  12. I've been using Github desktop because sourcetree just stopped working in my computer.
  13. IDK why you need to make a custom launcher to make this (if you really want to send modpack updates for your players you could make a separated application which syncs a game directory folder using a known protocol like git, then you launch the vanilla launcher to play the game). Anyway i think making custom launchers, no matter for what purpose, you will not have any help in this forums, because its against the EULA.
  14. Use Github Desktop if you have problems using git via command line.
  15. That's not the place to post mod problems, only issues with Minecraft Forge. For Animania go to its github (https://github.com/capnkirok/animania/issues) and create a ticket
  16. This is basically the clientmods folder, which i want to make all jars to load using mod_list.json. BUT... Actually a 'dirt' hack sparkled in my mind: basically, since i dont use the mod-specific version folder (aka mods\1.12.2), i actually symlinked my clientmods with it (and filtered with .gitignore). Since this is only for local developement (anyone who downloads the pack will be instructed to actually move the contents of clientmods /servermods into mods) i think this is good. I just hope Lex wont remove this feature for 1.13 Anyway thanks for the help diesieben07!
  17. I'm very dumb making this. From what the examples show, i need to place each mod in subfolders under the desired root folder (clientmods in case). I also tried to use --mods parameter but realized reading other topics this argument wont work in the launcher. So no chance to setup a structure like this?
  18. Thanks. In the docs is said: How can i get this maven-like locators for each mod? I have in clientmods things like optifine (yeah, i know...) and Xaeros Minimap and dont think they are open-source...
  19. Inspired by MMD, i uploaded my modpack (well, at least with the public mods) in GitHub. For sake of organization i separated the client-only (clientmods) and server-only (servermods) mods from the ones which can run in both (the proper mods folder). So now i have three folders with mods, and i want to know if is possible to make forge read mods from one of these additional folders, if user is running the client minecraft it should load mods and clientmods; if in a dedicated server mods and servermods. I know there was a file which allows the dedicated server to load mods in another locations, but after extensive searches on google and here i cant find anything related. If this is possible, i could just clone the git repository and use it as my game directory, which should speed a lot development and tweaking the pack. If someone thinks i'm thinking bullshit please advice me how i could better manage my modpack without the need to copy-paste folders everytime between the repository and the game directory. Thanks in advance!
  20. 1.7.10 isn't supported here anymore. Update to 1.12.x
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