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  1. I really like the changes, mainly the open-source coremod requeriment. This is good because it encourages the open-source development.
  2. Thanks, i'll look after it! Well, i doubt he would fix that repo, seems like that is just an expo, like "Go everyone and look! I KNOW how to code a Minecraft Mod! But i'll never give the "recipe" to you guys compile too! So you will need to pass my matroska doll ad.fly/adfocus pages! KYAKYAKYA!" Anyway, thanks a lot guys, you can close this thread!
  3. Hi! Once upon a time i found a "lovely" mod author which kindly upload your mods to Github . But he forgot something: THE DAMN GRADLE FILES!!!11 Now seriously, is there any chance to build these pieces? I'm a very-noob on java but managed to compile some opensource mods using gradle, but this is the first time i saw a guy releasing the code but dont wanting to release the tools necessary to compile it. Or am i wrong? Anyway, thanks for any help.
  4. "I'm not a noob" Said the guy who mistakes a signature to an offense...
  5. Update to 1.10.2 to get help in this forums.
  6. I dont know if you mean 2129 or actually 2139, but in 2129 i got the very same problem:
  7. Hi all! I know 1.11 is still very early, and rjord already posted on another thread (but i feel better to start a new only for this), but lets go. When i try to run both the JAR or the EXE installer for Forge 1.11, both .2127 and .2128, i get this error, as stated in the logs: Any help is appreciated
  8. Having this very same issue here. Updating from 2056 straight to 2063.
  9. Sorry, but before i read the reply and try to reproduce again to get logs i changed the JRE of the notebook from OpenJRE to Oracle's, and now i get (with zero mods, of course) very few warnings (at least compared with my personal notebook) and no crashes, for example this is my last (normal) run: Anyway thanks for the help!
  10. Hi all! Posting in this section because it isnt really a Forge bug/issue. I'm trying to figure out why a clean (zero mods) Forge server are running so slow (a lot of player moved too quickly, Can't keep up!, other performance warnings and even crashes) in a Linux Mint notebook with a i3 CPU and 4GB RAM with very few programs (just the distro default plus LAMP), while in my personal notebook (same configs except RAM - here is 8GB) with Windows 10, filled with a lot of software and crap, running 30+ mods and running the Minecraft client alongside it (with the same mods) runs fine (very few warnings and no crashes related to performance). I refuse to believe this 4GB RAM difference would be so stark. In fact, i suffer using Mint (most the Xfce editon - MATE, the one I'm using now is a way more faster) in general before, but only this matters? Any thoughts, advices or tricks to run it faster?
  11. I think this "recommended version" seal is a bit useless. Is just like Lex saying "Ok bitches, you can use this! is best than any other build!111. Each build has some bugs, so is best the player/server owner to search a bit for significant issues (aka bugs in any mods you are using) before update.
  12. http://lmgtfy.com/?q=java+programming+tutorial+for+beginners
  13. A small necro just to warn that http://modlist.mcf.li/ list is far from updated. Several mods are queued for be added and it doesn't even have the 1.9.4 category. Mostly because just two people maintain it.
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