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  1. Eclipse isn't used to build your mod Gradle is, and right now, Gradle doesn't know about the Biomes o' Plenty jar. You need to add the BoP jar to the libs folder in your mod folder. After that, Gradle should automatically pick up the dependency.
  2. This is caused by an update to Nvidia's GeForce drivers. Update your drivers to the latest hotfix (http://nvidia.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/4378/). Edit: Also, don't create multiple threads for the same issue.
  3. If the texture is already being used in a model, you don't need to add it to the texture map yourself, it's already been added by Minecraft.
  4. Check your server run configuration to see what directory the server is being run in. The eula.txt file will be inside there.
  5. BlockRendererDispatcher.getModelForState isn't a static method, it's an instance one. You need to call the method on an instance of BlockRendererDispatcher. You can obtain that instance from Minecraft.getMinecraft().getBlockRendererDispatcher().
  6. It's in the folder that you run Minecraft from. Probably run/ or eclipse/
  7. Then something else is wrong as well, because the @Optional.Interface iface field does not include .class.
  8. 1. In your call to setDefaultState, don't create a new BlockState instance, just call setDefaultState with blockState.withProperty(DIRECTION, EnumFacing.NORTH) 2. You should have @Override on your onBlockAdded method, if you did you'd see that you've got the signature wrong. It takes several additional parameters and returns the IBlockState to place in the world. Instead of calling setBlockState, you'd simply return the correct state.
  9. You're still using the wrong interface name in the @Optional.Interface. The fully qualified name of the interface does not include the .class at the end. It's just baubles.api.IBauble, literally exactly what's in the import.
  10. Set the dependencies field of your @Mod annotation to include "after:baubles;". This will tell Forge that, if Baubles is present, then your mod can't be loaded until after Baubles is.
  11. To expand a bit on what diesieben said, @Optional.Interface takes the fully qualified name, as in some.package.Interface not Interface. A side note: You'll also need @Optional.Method on any methods from IBauble that you implement. If you don't include @Optional.Method on the IBauble methods whose signatures contain types from the Baubles API, there will be a crash when the mod isn't present. (This is due to how the JVM works. When a class is loaded, it looks at all the method signatures and tries to load all the types that they contain if they haven't been loaded already. )
  12. Git/GitHub will work for collaboration, but not in real time. I doubt you'll be able to find anything that works for Forge mods and works in real-time across the internet, as those needs are quite specialized and there's probably no solution that supports both.
  13. I doubt that it's possible to use any cloud IDE for Forge mod development because of the way that they work. You might be able to setup a workspace in it, but you wouldn't be able to test anything. Che and other cloud IDEs likely run the programs in headless mode (i.e., with no video output) so LWJGL won't be able to work and Minecraft won't render anything.
  14. All the ranks (the Stone Miner thing not the Forge Modder one) have reset except for a couple people (you and Lex are the only one's I've noticed).
  15. Uh, no. The stuff that hasn't changed may be useful, but you can learn it just as well on a newer version. The stuff that has changed is useless to learn precisely because it has changed.
  16. o_O The getUpdateTag method returns some Packet object. Why on earth are you trying to cast that to an IBlockState? There's nothing even in the method's name to suggest that it might be even tangentially related to what you're trying to do. There isn't a simple method like getFacing because you have to create it yourself.
  17. Because Gradle is better than previous setup. No there is no way to develop Forge mods without Gradle (theoretically you could, but it would be a massive PITA, far more so than Gradle). Gradle works perfectly well, just very few people know how to actually use it. Gradle is just another programming language. Under the hood it uses the Groovy language which also runs on the JVM. There is a plethora of documentation for it, and for almost any problem you could possibly encounter, someone already has and has worked out a solution. Gradle integrates Eclipse perfectly fine, and very well with IDEA. You can't just have a bunch of jar files because of the way Forge and Minecraft exist. Forge is forbidden from distributing Minecraft (sources or jars) by Mojang. So instead of doing this, Forge distributes what are called patches. On each user's computer, the Forge patches are applied to Minecraft and that is what's used. Combine this with access transformers used by other mods, and you've got an environment where it's not possible to just distribute a bunch of jar files. Your complaint seems to be specifically about Eclipse, so here's a suggestion: Try switching to IDEA. It may take some time to get used to, but you can. It's Gradle integration works very well making it a breeze to import a Gradle-based project into it.
  18. 1. Wrong section, this should go in Support & Bug Reports. 2. You may need to change your launcher settings to use Java 8 to launch Minecraft.
  19. Yeah, the latest Nvidia drivers break modded MC, see Edit: and it breaks vanilla as well: https://bugs.mojang.com/browse/MC-112780
  20. Jesus fucking christ no. This is a horrendously bad idea. Horrendously. This is incredibly dangerous and completely stupid. This is an even worse idea than using ASM on Minecraft code.
  21. That method of shading dependencies should no longer be used. The Gradle Shadow plugin works properly with ForgeGradle 2 (Used in 1.8.8+) and, as such, that should be used. See here for an example.
  22. The crash is caused because a null ItemStack exists where Minecraft isn't expecting one. In 1.11+ ItemStacks can no longer be null, instead ItemStack.EMPTY should be used. There are several places in your container and tile entity classes where you're returning a null ItemStack. Replace these null references with ItemStack.EMPTY.
  23. Use TileEntityMobSpawner.getSpawnerBaseLogic to get the MobSpawnerBaseLogic instance. Use Reflection to call the MobSpawnerBaseLogic.getEntityId
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