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  1. You shouldn't use a TESR for a static model. Just use one of other modeling programs (not Techne) and export to JSON/Obj/B3D.
  2. Unless Techne can export to JSON, Obj, or B3D, you'd have to write your own custom model loader for it.
  3. If your model is dynamic, i.e. it changes/animates you would render it in a TESR, but it doesn't sound like that's what your block is. To use a custom static model, you'll need to use a modeling program that exports in a format that Forge/MC can understand (JSON, Obj, or B3D).
  4. No, the original model should work perfectly fine.
  5. In the minecraft block of the build.gradle file, specify the mappings property to be the latest MCP mappings for your version. You can find the latest MCP mappings here. Edit: Stop using 1.7.10, it's ancient
  6. Y'all are both half right. It can be specified anywhere the textures are. This means in the model's textures object or inside the textures object of one of the block state variants (or the defaults ).
  7. Entities aren't singletons the same way blocks and items are. You need to check if the entity is an instanceof EntityCow or an instance of whatever entity class you're targeting.
  8. Try using contains(TextFormatting.WHATEVER.toString()) instead of typing in the section symbol itself.
  9. Did you run gradlew setupDecompWorkspace and gradlew eclipse ?
  10. I suggest using MCMultiPart if you're going to make cables as it will allow almost any other multipart to be in the same block and function as a facade. The Charset pipes are good reference implementation of pipes using MCMP.
  11. 1. RenderItem is null during the pre-initialization phase 2. You should be using ModelLoader.setCustomModelResourceLocation during the pre-initialization phase instead of using ItemModelMesher#register
  12. FML scans for all Instance annotations and uses reflection to populate the field with the instance of your mod being used internally. No, the field name is not connected. You still need to pass in the mod id to the annotation. Yes, the only correct instance of your mod is the one created by Forge, not one you yourself instantiate.
  13. As long as you provide a working IStorage implementation, the capability will be saved and loaded automatically by Forge.
  14. The Instance annotation sets the field to the specific instance of your mod that Forge is using internally via reflection. You shouldn't instantiate your mod class yourself, the one you've instantiated won't be the one Forge uses.
  15. You create your items ( GuruItems.init ) before you call ModCreativeTabs.load() so when you call setCreativeTab on your items, ModCreativeTabs.TheBasicElements is null so you're effectively calling setCreativeTab(null) . You need to initialize your creative tab before you create your items/blocks.
  16. Maybe it's because you're returning false no matter what from checkPermission . If you had extended CommandBase and not overridden all these methods, you wouldn't have this issue.
  17. Perhaps in draw method of your base GuiScreen class, call pushMatrix, scale by 1 - MC scale factory, draw, and call popMatrix.
  18. Post your build.gradle file. IIRC, this occurs when you don't specify the mappings version
  19. If you want to compile with Java 8, you have to set the source and target compatibility version as 1.8, not 1.7.
  20. Abastro's solution worked. That's a confusing method name :V
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