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  1. You have to create the gradle.properties file yourself.
  2. You should just render your stuff directly inside the event handler.
  3. How is returning an ItemStack incompatible with your code? Just change the return type and return a new ItemStack(ModItems.coke) .
  4. Items are singletons (only one instance of them ever exists), so instance fields can't be used to store per-stack data. The ItemStack's NBTTagCompound should be used to store data that is per-stack.
  5. Your packet needs to have a no-arguments constructor.
  6. In 1.8+ this was replaced with an IBlockState field named state . You must also use the getter ( getState() ) instead of accessing the field directly.
  7. Why do you want to use your own format? Is something wrong with any of the existing ones? There's Forge's builtin configuration format (see net.minecraftforge.common.config.Configuration ), there's JSON which can be used easily because Google's Gson is provided. There's also Typesafe's Config which is provided because Scala is present. You could also use Java's builtin properties system.
  8. Of course it worked. You're using a Java 8 feature (lambdas) so you need to target Java 8 when you're building.
  9. They're in the Gradle cache for me: ~/.gradle/caches/minecraft/de/oceanlabs/mcp/mcp_snapshot/20161016/1.10.2/srgs/ I presume there are also SRG files for non-snapshot mappings, I just don't have any on my computer.
  10. 1. Your RF API is fine. You may want to remove it so the copy in the Mekanism jar is used so there's 1 less copy of the API floating around. 2. You can clone the repository from GitHub and attach the sources to the jar. 3. You'll be able to access any of the classes in the jar, so all of them. It's perfectly safe to do so, however, you should avoid using internal Mekanism classes as they are more likely to change and break your mod.
  11. Why would you want to do it in code? You could accomplish this with 0 lines of code, just by adding your replaced resources to src/main/resources/assets/minecraft in the correct subdirectory from there. As long as your built mod is in the mods directory and being loaded by Forge, users won't have to do anything to enable the resource pack.
  12. 1. You should really name your classes using PascalCase as is Java convention. 2. Show how you're registering your world generator.
  13. The cube and cube_all models are just normal models, you can use whatever model you like for the parent, even minecraft:furnace .
  14. Create an IEnergyStorage implementation (or use the default Forge one, EnergyStorage ), expose it via hasCapability and getCapability and use it the same way you'd use Tesla or RF using the receiveEnergy and extractEnergy methods.
  15. That's completely personal preference and doesn't have any affect on the compiled code (excepting overloaded parameters). I personally don't use this because I feel it's unnecessarily verbose and doesn't provide any valuable information.
  16. Did you change the parent and remove the transformations from your model? If so, post the updated code.
  17. In your build.gradle file, you need to set the sourceCompatibility and targetCompatibility properties like so: sourceCompatibility = 1.8 targetCompatibility = 1.8
  18. The parent for your model should be item/generated so it inherits the transformations used by all vanilla models.
  19. That's not at all how Thread.sleep works. Thread.sleep, as the name implies blocks the entire thread for the duration. As diesieben07 said, you have to use a tick handler and count the number of ticks that have passed to determine the amount of time that has passed.
  20. Nothing, use that. Mojang is using the @Deprecated annotation to mean that nobody should be using it unless they're overriding it or they absolutely have to.
  21. Run gradlew build with the --stacktrace option and post the entire log.
  22. That's not how you allocate more memory. Use the org.gradle.jvmargs property in the ~/.gradle/gradle.properties file as described here
  23. Mojang uses @Deprecated wrongly, they use it to mean nobody should use it unless they are Mojang or are overriding the method. The IBlockState parameter is necessary so blocks can change their material based on their state. Use IBlockState#getMaterial to get the material of a given state.
  24. Did you read the EAQ? 1.4.6 is nowhere near the latest version.
  25. You need to create a class at that specific package with that specific name ( net.dtm450.bigindustry.proxy.ClientProxy ) that extends your CommonProxy class.
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