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  1. theres a seperate set for bombs...should i be scared D: lol cool looking mod though!
  2. err...wouldnt that mean changing the origional code? You could make a special version of enderman that react differently
  3. I really like the idea of the mod, but i never played much of dishonored . Is the current 1.6 version the version in the download link?
  4. A) there is a help forum to post these things in. This forum is for updating your mods B) If your server crashed it should have provided a crash log. We can't help you unless you provide that log
  5. is this working on MC 1.5.2? i downloaded it and whenever i placed down one of these panes, my game crashed, saying something along the lines of a render bug. I can get you the log if youd like, but did you already know that?
  6. hmm the adfly link is broken, can you fix it
  7. chunk error extreme according to your log your missing a few files from forge and from world gen. I usually have trouble with the magic launcher, but it looks like you just didnt install forge properly. If you have too much trouble, there is an FTB launcher, which is similar to the Magic launcher where yo have multiple files with different mods and its easier to allocate RAM to your minecraft game. It's much easier to use than manually installing mods. FTB stands for Feed The beast
  8. i had problems wit the Magic launcher back on 1.3, but i thought the forge team fixed it. Regardless, i use a program called MultiMC, which is designed to create multiple minecrafts with different cversions and mods in them, so i recommend using that program (MultiMC). If all else fails, the FTB launcher uses all the most commonly used mods. The FTb launcher can be found on the FTB forum
  9. minecraft is notorious for its bad lighting, which Mojang claimed to fix in 1.5 does that have any merit to it? It wasnt rendering wrong
  10. It's a simople freinds list idea i had. I'm always using forge mods in my vanilla minecraft and so are a couple of my freinds. If minecraft forge implemented a 'freinds list' (preferrably saved to your computer so it doesnt change during force updates) or a way to see if your freinds are online we'd be able to know when one of us is playing. It would make it easier to find other users, especially if there was a way to find out the server they were on, unless they didnt want to show it in which case there should be a disable options.
  11. oh is it not working? It works in 1.4 if you'd like you can get your footing in 1.4 and by the time 1.6 comes out they'll have fixed 1.5 and released 1.6. The forge team moves pretty quick
  12. all right, hopefully when it's more fleshed out you cn keep up with the forum
  13. I'll put up a wiki soon on how to use the mod, but I'm hesitant as it is still early in development, and thus the concepts could change at any time (such as right now, I have an idea to two types of Mist, Positie and Escuro) Edit: Created a wiki, though it's incomplete. Thats fine if it changes, the concept right now is pretty simple. Although i was kindof hoping to have help with the tools and ores ^.^;; unless i just cant find it on the wiki. I don't see it in info
  14. I've never actually thought about this It certainly looks cool
  15. It definetely sounds liek a cool idea, but where do i learn about the mod? PS- i would love to have a Mech with magic powers
  16. i dont see this as especially useful, but it sounds like a neat idea and its updated to 1.5, whic h a lot of mods i want to try arent
  17. I can code, and i've set up an eclipse environment for MC, but what do you need help with? and do you have screenshots of a release of this mod to show where your going? also, nujum.key on skype, at your service
  18. umm what does the actual mod do? I cant tell what it's sopposed to be with just screenshots . Is there a MCforum with more info or do you explain it all in the videos?
  19. Thought i'd better put this hre than support. my channel is youtube.com/NujumKey and though i've planned on livestreaming FTB packs i'm not sure about a lets play. It would ake a lot of work
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