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  1. It looks like you're trying to load a very old world created before 1.7.10 (judging by the version numbers mentioned it was created in 1.7.2). Do what the error message says, load the world in 1.7.10 or 1.8 first and then try again with 1.12.2 or, probably preferably, start a completely new world.
  2. I guess I should have been more specific and included "for all supported versions of Forge" ? However, I hadn't noticed the changes to logging in 1.13 so went to check it out and found that logging appears to be broken with the vanillanative Windows launcher (everything default and freshly installed, no mods). latest.log appears to be using old/vanilla formatting and debug.log isn't created at all. The launcher-log.txt file contains mostly vanilla log spam and only some latest.log loggings (no debug) from Forge. This is probably Mojang's fault (it wouldn't be the first time their launcher breaks logging...) Logging on a dedicated 1.13 server does work in that both latest.log and debug.log (20k lines after just loading an empty modless world...holy crap!) are created and properly formatted but there's no logging at all in the server GUI console (not that anyone actually cares about the server GUI?).
  3. As it is, when troubleshooting other people's problems it's sometimes difficult to tell if two, or more, logs actually come from the same (presumably failed) Minecraft run which tends to cause confusion both for the users asking for help and for those trying to help them. Information that would, in some cases, be invaluable to have in every log (latest, debug and if applicable, the crash-log): Full system time and date. (already present in crash log but not latest nor debug) The full path of the root-minecraft folder of the current instance and at least the relative paths to each sub-folder Forge looks in for various files. (that way you would never have to assume that files are located where you expect them to be).
  4. Post new logs. Always post new logs after changing something. There is something strange here though, as DaemonUmbra mentioned the debug.log you posted, along with the first log, indicated only a single mod (charcoalblocks) while the crash log showed 202 mods. The logs are definetly not from the same run, as indicated by the time stamps where the crash log says the time is "Time: 3/12/19 2:07 PM " and the other logs show's a time around [01:07:48] so at least 1 hour difference so the crash logs and the other logs you posted are likely from different instances/installation directories. You obviously know where the mods folder is if you've removed mods. Are they located in "C:\users\[username]\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\mods" or somewhere else? That path is where the logs that included a single mod was looking in for mods so the logs probably came from "C:\users\[username]\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\logs". I'm guessing you copied and pasted the crash log from the crash window and not from C:\users\[username]\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\crash-logs"...or this only gets more confusing, heh. You appear to be using the default vanilla launcher (or you happen to have the same old Java version installed) in all cases, is this correct? If so, check the profile settings for the profile you run with 202 mods. Take note of what Game directory it's using, is it different than: "C:\users\[username]\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft"?
  5. Only download mods from the official sources... Mantle doesn't come with an installer, it's just a single .jar that you drop in the mods folder. Forge, however, does come with an installer and makes installing Forge very easy.
  6. Use the latest build of Forge for 1.10.2 or remove Foamfix. You're using Forge (the last recommended version for 1.10.2) but the version of foamifx you have is built against a newer version of Forge and would probably require at least (where firstLoad was first introduced).
  7. So, _how_ are you opening "universal.jar" and what do you mean "...after minecraft server.jar"? You never touch the vanilla minecraft server .jar when running a Forge server as the Forge server.jar takes care of everything once you launch it. By the sounds of it you're trying to launch the Forge .jar first but it fails with an error and then you launch the vanilla server for some reason and expect it to load mods without Forge? First, update Forge (the error is saying that iChunUtil requires Forge, you have Forge Latest is Forge Then create a launch-script, preferably in a .bat file that you put in the root of the server folder , that runs only the Forge server .jar and nothing else. Simplest version would look like this java -Xmx2G -jar [exact name of forge-universal.jar] which would launch the Forge server and give it 2GB.
  8. IRoblix, the debug.log you posted doesn't match the screenshot you posted later... In the debug.log you ran the server from a folder on your desktop named "server 1.7.10" The screenshot you posted is of a folder named "server 1.12.2". Also, the folder in the screenshot contains a second folder named "Server 1.12.2"... Now, another thing that doesn't match is the debug.log saying this: [08:52:00] [Server thread/DEBUG] [FML]: No config directory found, creating one: C:\Users\Robert Colcer\Desktop\server 1.7.10\config [08:52:00] [Server thread/INFO] [FML]: Config directory created successfully Your screenshot includes a config folder and everything else expected (+ an extra "Server 1.12.2" folder) but, the time stamps doesn't match. The config folder in the screenshot was created at 05.55 PM but the log indicates the folder was created at 08:52. Further more, the other time stamps in the screenshot are all seemingly from moments _before_ the debug.log was created which isn't possible unless you created the screenshot first and then deleted the config folder before you started the server which makes absolutely 0 sense. Then you're talking about renaming files...what files? There are no apparent issues with any filenames, it's the folder names that doesn't match. Where exactly is the folder in the screenshot located? Is it the same folder that was named "server 1.7.10" in the debug.log and you renamed it to server 1.12.2? What is in the \server 1.12.2\Server 1.12.2\ folder? How exactly are you starting the server? And please don't insult the people who are showing a lot of patience in trying to help you.
  9. The CPU doesn't but this is ancient technology from a time when integrated graphics was provided separately by the chipset rather than by the CPU. That particular computer model seemingly used the Intel G45S Express chipset that came with the Intel GMA X4500HD IGP. This is an IGP from the era when even the cheapest discreet GPU you could find was guaranteed to boost the performance beyond what any IGP could perform. While you can coax Minecraft into running on pretty much anything that can boot a proper OS with proper Java support and display something on a monitor beyond monochrome text character, even with Forge and mods, that doesn't mean it works well or is in any way, shape or form supported by anyone other than _maybe_ yourself. Running Windows 10 on that computer is unsupported by HP. There is no official Win 10 support at all, from Intel, for that chipset so that's unsupported too (even if Win 10 actually finds working drivers and most definitely if using "hacked" Win7/8 drivers or anything else not downloaded from Intel). I don't know how YoungDrew has managed to install VMware drivers this way but I do know that however it was done, it's not supported. That driver provides a kind of hardware agnostic OpenGL support so when running on a somewhat modern GPU you can't expect support for high performance or fancy rendering stuff but with the GMA X4500HD there's neither any high performance nor fancy rendering stuff to support anyway. The whole computer is way below minimum specs for vanilla Minecraft to begin with, so that's also unsupported. Optifine may or may not work with a given Forge version, whether it does is up to the Optifine developer and nothing that Forge can do anything about (due to Optifine being Optifine with closed source and what not) so the whole thing is unsupported by Forge too. YoungDrews best bet here is to downgrade to Windows 7, install the proper drivers provided by HP and perhaps the latest Win 7 chipset drivers from Intel (if they are newer, which they likely are as manufacturers really suck at providing updated drivers for chipsets and such) and then hope for the best. May want to try an older version of Minecraft too if performance makes it unplayable.
  10. https://github.com/MinecraftForge/MinecraftForge/commits/1.13.x Your reach that page by clicking the "commits" button on the main Github page for the project.
  11. The log still has server entries towards the end..although fewer of them and the crash report seems to be from a server... ...are you trying to run a client and a server from the same folder? Don't do that... Either way, whatever you're doing I strongly suggest you wipe everything and start over because this is badly broken. Install the client in one folder and the server in it's own separate folder, you can't share any files between them and expect it to not break in more or less terrible ways.
  12. While it is technically possible to get drivers with OpenGL for the G41 chipset to work in Windows 10, this is way outside the scope of what we can help you with here. For Vista, there are official drivers from Intel. These should work: Link But, as I said, proper drivers should fix the latest crash but there are still no guarantees that it'll run (or if it does, be playable) as the graphics chip is not supported even by vanilla Minecraft. Better solution: If it's a desktop PC (ie not a laptop) then you should be able to add a new, or at least less old, graphics card (with more up to date driver support) which would make life much easier and it would have the benefit of improving performance, probably by a lot, even with the very cheapest cards (at least as long as you go with Nvidia or ATI/AMD). You can't get just any card of course, you need a card that works with whatever motherboard you have but likely any card that support PCI-Express 2.0 should work. If you need further help with hardware and/or operating system/driver issues I would really recommend finding a forum where this isn't off topic as it's really not a Forge related problem.
  13. Either you're trying to do something very weird here or you've managed to merge two different logfiles cause your FML log starts out with a _client_ launching which seems to work out fairly well until...it suddenly turns into a _server_ which apparently no one bother to tell Journemap so it went on trying to do client stuff...on the server and thus crashed it all cause doing client stuff on a server never ever works out well for anyone. The first log tells a similar story but there we only have a server but Journeymap is still trying to do client stuff which still crashes a server hard...so, remove Journeymap from the server I guess? (unless you plan to play with people you don't trust it doesn't really do anything on a server anyway..the server component of Journeymap can enforce what the clients can do with it but that's pretty much it...so it really shouldn't be crashing the server but that's what's happening here regardless)
  14. I first thought I was totally losing it cause I was sure your logs said you were running the 64bit version of Windows Vista when I replied to the last one but when I went to check your logs to see if there was any info related to your GPU and grabbed one of the earlier logs it suddenly said Windows 10...are you using different computers here? Your Windows 10 computer appears to have an Intel(R) G41 Express Chipset using a Microsoft provided driver, those usually don't have OpenGL support. There are no Intel drivers for that chipset for Windows 10 and even if there were that chipset is below minimum requirements to run Minecraft at all (minimum GPU is a Intel HD Graphics chipset, yours is a generation older than that) which means that even if it would work it's in no way supported. No clue what GPU your Vista computer has, it doesn't say in the logs. If it's the same computer as the Windows 10 one then you may have better luck finding drivers at least (Intel has drivers for the G41 Express Chipset up to Windows 7 I believe) and if so you should at least be able to get around the last crash but it's likely to crash again and just as with Windows 10, the chipset is not supported.
  15. It occurred to me that I'm assuming a lot of things here not having actually played Minecraft almost at all for a while so I tried something else.. I set up a vanilla 1.12 server locally and the same thing happens there. Completely fresh world with only a single wood log in hand and thus a single recipe for planks and search breaks with Forge (Still 2407 and nothing else done with the client). Disconnecting and reconnecting without restarting the client fix things. There is one thing that does stand out in the logs that shows up when you disconnect the first time, namely this: 14:56:19 game [12:56:19] [main/INFO] [FML]: Applying holder lookups 14:56:19 game [12:56:19] [main/INFO] [FML]: Holder lookups applied I'm guessing that means that Forge is caching something so the next connection goes smoother which in turn doesn't trigger the search issue. With that I'm out of time for now.
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