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  1. In the mods menu under each mod, there's a "config" button that lets you edit configs on mods with it working (Forge, for example) How do I use this in my mod, since it's just blacked out by default? I plan to add more config options and want to make this work.
  2. I'm running a raspberry pi on raspbian (debian), which only has 1G of RAM. I have changed defaults of RAM usage for gradle and JVM itself to 800M and everything works up until it reaches :decompileMC, when it then says it can't allocate the heap space of 3G, which had supposedly changed to 800M. For some reason decompileMC insists on using 3G. Is there a way around this? I've been trying to setupDecompWorkspace all night and it's really annoying.
  3. You have to go in eclipse keybinds and search for Override/Implement and set a shortcut. IDEA i think already has it as a shortcut.
  4. I don't have a thing that tells me which one to choose when I override, I just have to type it in, so I had no idea EDIT: Plus, eclipse override/implement method doesn't tell you if it's deprecated. At all.
  5. That's what it looks like in my block. you're the one that told me to override it?
  6. I had it like that, and the tile entity was just null. It looked like this : @Override public boolean hasTileEntity() { return true; } @Override public TileEntity createTileEntity(World world, IBlockState state) { return new TileEntitySpaceHeater(); }
  7. Yeah. Also, I have a similar thing to your packet system, but do I have to register IGuiPacketHandler somewhere? because the packet isn't being recieved by the handler in the tileenity EDIT: Okay, it is registered in the Packet file, which is registered as the Handler in the manager, but it's not working... hm
  8. Well then how do I get it to create a tileEntity? because those overidden methods aren't doing anything.
  9. I Figured it out. deisie, my block has to extend BlockContainer, those methods weren't making the tileEntity for some reason EDIT: I also know each GUI and GUI value are unique now because when it prints the tilentity it has an @ (randomid) I just need to adjust some math in my GUI and it should be almost ready I may have just one more issue though if the light value isn't working right
  10. Okay. New main problem. The code works, up until the GuiHandler tries to define the tileEntity. It picks up the x y z, turns it into a blockpos, and runs world.getTileEntity(blockpos); the problem is, by printing that, I see that it returns NULL.. It makes NO sense. I'm sure it has the right coordinates and blockpos, they both print and I check the coord and it's exactly where my block is, but it won't find it. EDIT: I now notice this may have something to do with the fact that the client is executing this. But, HOW is the server supposed to execute a GUI? I'm lost.
  11. Okay everyone. I've managed to get my problems down to two singular problems. First: How do i get the BlockPos or specific tile entity instance into the GUI class? Second: how does EntityPlayer::openGui work? also, double semicolons don't seem to work, so I have the statement as playerIn.openGui(SpaceHeaterMod.mod, ? what do i do with this "guiID", worldIn, pos.getX(), pos.getY(), pos.getZ()); how do i get a guiID? it says in the comment that it uses Forge's IGuiHandler system. Where can I apply an ID to my GUI? Or have I got the entirely wrong thing?
  12. 1. Okay, I figured it out. I was confusing createNewTileEntity with createTileEnity. 2. Then how would I open the GUI? 3. so if I override it, what would the return statement be? would I leave it as super(state, world pos) or make a variable in the tile entity and return that? 4. So I made GUIHeater extend GuiContainer and implement IGuiHandler and it made me add a bunch of methods including drawGuiContainerBackgroundLayer, getServerGuiElement, and getClientGuiElement. Is there something I'm supposed to do with these? I also don't know where to put Container 5. I very much am enjoying this, it just gets frusturating at times when it won't do what you want. GRRR. I'm having fun though
  13. 1. So the other thing I can do is make it implement ITileEntityProvider, and Override hasTileEntity and return true? 2. It's no longer common code when I do the if !isRemote 3. I don't understand 4. Okay, removed 5. I dunno, it's an int, isn't it? 6. I don't know how I would make the light value set from the tile entity other than that, is there a better way? And where would I use Container and GuiContainer with IGuiHandler? Also, I'm sorry for being a clueless, horrible programmer. This entire area makes no sense to me, I'm doing a mod request because I needed something to do, so... I don't know.
  14. Basically, I'm trying to make a block that has an adjustable light value via GUI. I have the GUI, graphics, and incrementing buttons that can output the int anytime. So far I have a packet that sends that int to the server, then I have to somehow feed it into that specific tileentity instance and write the int the that instance's NBT, which then can be read from the block of that instance, which then sets the value to that int. I have absolutely no clue what to do. Here's the code that matters. (Yes, I have registered the block and block as a tile entity) READ COMMENTS IN CODE PLEASE Block Class: GUI Class: Tile Entity Class: PacketInt Class (w/ Handler): I have no clue what I want answered but.. SOMETHING? I'm desperate lol
  15. Thank you to everyone who helped! You were all very friendly and helpful. I figured it out using Kriptikz's code. Thank you everyone! ... i still hate particles
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