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Libraries/Dependencies in META-INF not being accessed after build


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I've been trying to add some external libraries to my project and everything works fine inside the IDE when I runClient, but when I build the jar and run it I get classNotDefFoundError which obviously means that the jars are not being accessed from the META-INF but im not sure how to fix that...


configurations {

dependencies {

jar {
    from(configurations.inJar) {

this is currently how I am importing the libraries, and they do show inside the jar when I decompile it, but im still not sure how to access them.

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8 hours ago, sciwhiz12 said:

What version of Minecraft and Forge is this for?

I know it’s not supported, but I am developing a 1.8 client mod and have a pretty good hang on things except for getting these dependencies to load outside of my IDE.

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