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Will you write the new method and class to support the older mods?


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Hi guys,

Thanks for your amazing api.

I'm a simple player and I'm thinking about that the mods which uses Modloader and ModloaderMp won't be updated to support new forge Modloader(aka FML).So why don't you write the new method and class to support the old mods.I think maybe you can just provide the same api but new in code.

By this kind of work we can use either new mods and older mods.Then we can wait the mod makers to port their mod to forge modloader supported.

I don't know if this suggestion have been sent or not.I'm very sorry if it has already been sent by others cause my English is poor.


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The fuck?

1) FML supports ML

2) MLMP is crap and incompatible with ML, so we dont care about it

3) If Risu fucks up updating, we will offically pulling support for ML mods

I do Forge for free, however the servers to run it arn't free, so anything is appreciated.
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why is FML better then MLMP and modloader????


As far as I know, FML is a replacement for ModLoader for the reason of making sure Forge isn't tied down to any other prerequisites, thus making updates a little easier (plus less for the end user to install and potentially screw up).


MLMP? Pardon my french here, but it's the shit. From what I've read the Forge devs got sick of how bugridden it is and how slow it is to update, so they discarded it as a prerequisite. Plus according to a few mod devs, I've heard that FML is a little more flexible to work with.

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Mod authors have the right to use any dependencies they wish. By that same token, it is the mod author's responsibility to make sure they properly depend on those dependencies.


In other words, if a mod is still dependent on ML/MLMP... you can code up all the code in FML you want. It's not gonna make it compatible, because he's using a totally different SRC to write his code. And, at this point, the only reason the mod author isn't switching to FML is if he has a specific reason why he isn't... like if he has a personal grudge against Forge or some such. In which case, making it compatible with FML is directly contradictory to the mod author's wishes.


tl;dr version: The only way the mod will be FML compliant is if the mod author codes it that way. So talk to the mod author. Mods are written to the specifications of the SRC and API, not the other way around.

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